Japan urges Iran to ensure safe navigation in Persian Gulf


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Instead of wasting millions on solar and wind power generation, Japan should have built more nuclear power plants to become less dependent on imported oil.

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Does Japan have any bite with Iran?

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Does Japan have any bite with Iran?

I would like to know too but I think they have some leverage from selling tech

The Japanese minister also called for Iran's early return to a multilateral nuclear deal

This is in Iran's interest so it seems more like an indirect swipe at the US for backing out

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Let's see...how well did your "urging" work in Japan? Yeah....

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A Japanese urge never work

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Anyone familiar with how the Japanese oil company Idemitsu Kosan defied the British naval blockade on Iran in the 1950's [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abadan_Crisis ] to purchase oil may find Motegi's words to be very ironic.

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Japan’s tankers have been repeatedly attacked off Iran’s coast, not just the most recent one.

Here we have Japan counting on their long friendship with Iran for cooperation in various areas, but the article barely touches on what Iran is expecting in return.

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A Japanese urge never work

That’s only true if not accompanied with the fitting generous money or loan promises. lol

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Japan: Please stop attacking!

Iran: You have no power here.

China: I concur.

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The United States and Britain suspect Iran's involvement in the incident that killed three crew members.

Well of course they would say that.

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Also Japanese tankers attacked in 2014 if my memory serves me.

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.....like a mouse offering a snake cheese..

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Safe passage in the Arabian Gulf? So Abdollahian will rein in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard? Fat chance, no matter what platitudes he spouts to Motegi, it’s not in his political advantage internally to do so. This is a hardline Islamic regime that has demonstrated that it will sacrifice its own people without a second thought for its own political and ideological advantage.

The only way to ensure safe passage for Japanese ships through the gulf is to send JSDF warships to escort them with clear rules of engagement that allows them to fire if needed. Paying Danegeld never worked.

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Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi on Monday urged Iran's next foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, to ensure the safety of vessels in the Persian Gulf and surrounding waters, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.

He is talking to the WRONG people but he knows that there is NO TALKING to the people actually carrying out these sneak false-flag attacks that are then trumpeted by the Western controlled media as being Iranian without any evidence whatsoever. If one has spent any time at all on this planet or bothered to read any history, they have seen this false-flag scenario used by the U.S. and its 'allies' several times already in their lifetimes to appear justified to start trouble. In fact, America is now trying to extricate itself from just such a situation started twenty years ago with bald faced lies and almost unimaginable betrayal. Almost...

And how much of an inflated insurance settlement will the 'managers' of this ship demand, and probably receive? Was the insurance coverage doubled just before the attack as it was on the THREE (see: Building Seven) steel frame buildings designed to withstand a large aircraft strike but went down like there was no steel in them at all?

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Send a Shirane class DDH and a Hatakazi class DDG around to the North Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman with an AOR shuttling fuel and supplies to them from Japan's base in Djibouti to reinforce Mr. Motegi's point.

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 people actually carrying out these sneak false-flag attacks that are then trumpeted by the Western controlled media as being Iranian without any evidence whatsoever.

Components of Iranian produced drones have been recovered from the attacks. There were private maritime security company employees from more than one company on more than one ship in the area who reported visually identifying known Iranian drones operating in the area including direct witnesses to the attack.

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