Japan to provide ¥130 bil in loans to Indonesia for transportation


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this means that the money goes to the usual suspects. Major Japanese multinationals. A slightly hidden subsidy.

government giving business and money to Japanese companies.

nkthinh new

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As long as Indonésia uses Japanese companies to undertake construction then the loans will be approved.

However, before that happens, please finish the 500 meter road widening on the Yamate kan west of my place…

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Despite the plummeting yen, falling wages and a labor shortage; the LDP still plays at being the big spender with the public treasury.

It won't change unless there is a major shock to the system.

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pledged Monday to provide 130 billion yen in loans to Indonesia for its mass rapid transit system project and tollway infrastructure.

It just a pledge nothing being sign or agreed, wait until China or other countries outbid that. Happened in the past.


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Japan makes big promises and after 円**** has been wasted on meetings, conferences and a few nice looking advertising banners scattered around, nothing ever gets done. By now they know if they want the money and the will to get it done, they can only rely on China.

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nkthinh new

Typical comment from the usual crowd. Western companies dont make money from Aid? Please.

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Got an idea, let Japan build the Transit Project with Chinese $$$. it's a win win win situation.

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Biden has reinvented the handshake.

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Good for Japan. Helping third world nations rise and become developed in terms of transport. A true partner and friend - unlike another regional power simply in it for control.

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In plain language this is just a 130 billion yen transfer of taxpayer money via Indonesia to Hitachi Rail/Mitsubishi Heavy and other firms in the J Rail systems export consortium. Obviously this "loan" is conditional on Indonesian govt awarding their transport infrastructure contract to J-Inc companies. As is standard with most international "aid".

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You can tell which side is Japanese…

Modern countries like Indonesia seem to have progressed and removed the masks…

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True however there is a guy asleep on the right hand side so could still be Japan.

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Very clever to breed the next growing bigger economic rival with the own lesser remaining money. Not.

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It won't change unless there is a major shock to the system.

we have the predicted M9 earthquake in Tokyo, mt Fuji eruption and NPPs on active fault lines. Then there is being forced in war with nuclear armed NK or China.

that is when Japanese will wake up.

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This is not a bribe.

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It’s simply amazing that the Japanese Government can keep giving money to other countries and yet can’t provide a single yen as stimulus money to all its citizens due to the cost of living skyrocketing in Japan as well as the ongoing pandemic which still affects the life of every single person on Japan in one way or another! Just because people work and have a job doesn’t mean that they don’t need financial assistance from the Government. The trillion of yen which they use in budgets to counter inflation, almost all of it is going to Japan Inc instead of usual citizens who work hard day and night to make ends meet! Then there is the trillions of yen which the Government throws away to foreign counties!

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"On Sunday, Kishida criticized China by name for stepping up actions that infringe on Japan's sovereignty in the East China Sea, at an annual summit in Cambodia of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and its partners."

Yet Kishida wants to shake hands with Xi in Thailand but refuses to personally even say hi even for just a few seconds with fellow democratic friend , President English Tsai of Taiwan-ROC.

Will such a move make many Japanese proud or cry?

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So, Japan’s own national debt is out of control and will eventually have to be paid by our children’s generation(which is shameful), Japan’s currency is rumoured to be on the verge of collapse, but it’s ok for Japan to lend out billions?!? Whose running the economy stupid Rick?

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Japan is very very very generous indeed!

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