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Japanese fighters, U.S. bombers conduct drill off Korean Peninsula


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Toasted Heretic - We tried appeasing dictators once before and that turned out well.

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Kim and Trump are really pushing the envelope on this. Just remember when the bombs start to drop and millions perish that all this could have been avoided. But Kim needs to distract the masses concerned over looming famine and prove himself and Trump needs to distract from Russia and numerous domestic disasters.

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stay out of it japan.

In which direction and territory are they missiles benign launched and landed?

How about no

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Same old Same old, NK does some expensive fish killing with a missile, SK, J, USA burn fuel in "exercises" in response and various politicos get hot under the collar and spout about sanctions. All to no effect and Fat Boy continues on in his own sweet way!

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Please give me a Negative appraisal here. I want to get the record !

As for the story.... I dont think NK cares much about who flies where using what - they have their own agenda and are very much focused upon it.

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Very complicated situation. North Korean leader are psychotic and don't care anything except own power. Sanctions is harming in first line the simple people who are suppressed. China is unhappy with North Korea but does not want to have "South Korean" style North Korea in the border as this might create freedom demands to the Chinese government. US military strike towards North Korea ends very likely in a nuclear strike on Seoul and Tokyo is also hot candidate.

Any good ideas ?

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I'm just glad that japan and USA are allies, and South Korea! We, and most countries, are peace loving. I've been in war. And DO NOT want to see any more. But, there will always be wars and rumors of wars until the world ends as we know it.

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The Chief Scout has been in firing mood all week. Keep him away from all big red buttons. Please!

@Kushal.. there's enough fake news around already these days, without calling in the astrologers. ;)

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"Alexandre T. Ishii", this is actually the smartest thing I have heard in all the time in regards to the "North Korean crisis". If America is such a powerful and efficient Superpower, then it would not break a sweat by simply downing (as in exploding them mid air) the rockets launched from NK. If the responsible people would not go full-retard and attack back there would be ZERO issues for people outside NK. Some radiation in the air, in the sea, happens already with all the industrial production. That's it. No more rockets, less resources to get more, everyone in NK in chaos because they can't do a thing. More strain on the government, more unrest and eventually an uprising. But USA MUST NOT retaliate if all they suffer are some millions of $ spent on downing the rockets.

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Shot down all missiles launched from North Korera and end of story, this endless story means spending our taxes money to agitate more conflicts, why?

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Basically what was conducted was an escort relief.

SDF fighters escort the US bombers in Japanese airspace, then Korean Fighters escort from Korean airspace.

Sounds pretty routine.

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Who else is Japan going to ally itself with besides Anglosphere? Sinosphere? Russosphere? The comments about Japan being "colonized" and to "stay out of it" reflect a juvenile understanding of geopolitics.

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as @gary says, nobody wants to bothered. but for abe, it is a great distraction from his bad ratings, corruption etc. just up to america to push the final button.

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To answer your question with no real evidence, Badman, here is what I think 120,000,000 Japanese think.

The media is having a field day with the scary part of all this. NK has weapons that can hit Japan. Fishermen in the Sea of Japan are concerned etc.

The commentators are having a field day with opinions of what NK and Kim will do and of course nobody really knows.

Most of the Japanese are going about their daily lives, dropping the kids of at kindergarten, getting to work on time, checking that there is the right amount of water in the rice fields and have no thoughts what-so-ever about a war with NK.

To them it is unthinkably stupid. What they have learned in school about war has taught them that only idiots engage in such games.

That is what I think they think. Of course Japan does not have the offensive weaponry to engage in war but I hope they are making plans to deal with an influx of refugees if the unthinkable happens.

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I'm curious how any of you living in Japan feel about what is going on with NK. What's the general sense of the population? Is there any difference in the level of anxiety (if any) between Japanese and foreign population? Thanks!

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toshikoToday 07:52 pm JSTJapan and US don't trust S Korea? They omitted S.K on exercise.

South Korean and US forces already conducted joint exercises on a larger scale immediately following NK's ICBM launch. The exercise in the article was over Japan ADIZ. There have been joint US/JPN/SK exercises in the past.

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North Korea will destroy North Korea!

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Japan and US don't trust S Korea? They omitted S.K on exercise.

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Sad to say Japan is still suffering from the Stockholm syndrome after being kidnapped and colonized by the victorious Amerikano juggernaut.

Braindamage incurred, that's it. You should think about what you have just done to me and anyone reading that sentence.

How to keep peace 101: Provoke the rival. Those senile warmongers...

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Sad to say Japan is still suffering from the Stockholm syndrome after being kidnapped and colonized by the victorious Amerikano juggernaut.

Abe should know that those Kim missiles at present are not that accurate and those aimed at Washington could land in Tokyo instead so stop being a proxy of America and join in its Iraqification of the North Korea issue .

Shinzo should adopt a Japan First Policy and revive a Tokyo that can say no!

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Sad to say Japan do not have a choice on this one as America is the one protecting the west and Asia from the unstable North Korean Asylum

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stay out of it japan.

> By that I guess you mean , stay out of east Asia.

How would you suggest that they move, and to where?

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stay out of it japan.

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