Kishida cabinet's approval rate at 55%: poll


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People need to vote if they want change.

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All going according to plan as the LDP increases their poll numbers going into the fall election. Interesting that this article highlights that the majority of the respondents in a poll wanted a change from the Abe, Suga policies. These numbers conflict with the new administration's high numbers, usually because people will say, "let's give it a chance," or some other worn out fool hardy phrase. People would do well by reading more before the election because if they did, they'd know that AA (Abe/Aso) are still pulling the strings. Suga was a puppet so that Abe could get out of the hot kitchen running away with his mask and tanking numbers. And now Kishida is the same to get the numbers out of the gutter caused by Suga's administration so that the LDP can win the fall election. It's so obvious and so aggravating...

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I hope the Japanese people are aware enough to realize that Kishida is the extension of Abe and Suga. Political Musical Chairs are not going to change that. If the people of this nation are truly fed up with the state of affairs they need to put another group in power and let them govern- if for no other reason than to let the LDP know that there are consequences for their brazen contempt for the masses

IF they don't and vote the LDP back in, they deserve everything that happens to them

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No surprise it's quite low. Nothing fresh or dynamic about it.Plus Abe's and Aso's fingerprints are all over the cabinet.Not primed for success,but having a pathetic opposition is their saving grace.

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Nobody voted Kishida, or Suga, anyways.

In a true democracy people choose their representatives.

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its same thing this or that...no difference for decades just different face but result is exactly the same...

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After 1 day an approval rating of 55 percent? How is this possible? Can't they at least wait a week?

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Yes, but most countries have not a true but a parliamentary democracy. In that sense, he has of course been elected before, in his election district where he was candidate, then won there and gained a parliament seat and all parliamentarians have now in majority decided and elected him as new Prime minister, and this choice has then been formally ok’ed by the head of state, the Emperor. Other countries have slightly different but similar procedures of also choosing their heads only indirectly, not by direct people’s vote.

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And he hasn't even done anything, except spout empty rhetoric. This will be his high water mark.

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I'm surprised it's that high.

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The population is very generous to give 55% support to this administration.

Here a nice recap of who did what (i.e. break what law) in Kishida's administration. Courtesy of Gendai


Suzuki: 14 Mio JPY in gas expenses in 3 years

Kaneko: political financing through more "discreet" channels from a dam-builder

Hagiuda: in bed with Kakei (from Kakei Gakuen-fame)

Nishime: political financing from a vendor providing to the Henoko-base

Goto: a series of infractions on election laws

Moteki: his secretary was very generous with presents / gifts in his boss' constituency

Suematsu: likes to buy expensive brand items with public money

The other Kaneko: obscure financing of supporter groups

Ninoyu: 10 Mio worth of falsification of documentation when declaring political activities

This does not even include Amari, Obuchi and, oh well, you get the picture.

Meet the new boss and his crowd. Same as the old boss and his crowd.

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That 40/40 split on his “new capitalism” nonsense doesn’t bode well.

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55% for doing nothing???!!!

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55% for doing nothing???!!!

Yep, pretty mind-blowing and actually pretty common it seems.


at 0:32 into the feature.

2006, Abe at 70%

2007, Fukuda at 58%

2008, Aso at 50%

2020, Suga at 74%

2021, Kishida at 56%

It feels like each time the guy leaving ended up being so hated that whoever replaced him was hailed as a hero.

But, as all the jokers before him, ultimately much ado about nothing at the starting point each time did lead to a very short-lived PMship. Me thinks that Kishida will barely go beyond the 1-year limit.

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