Noda calls for reinvestigation of document tampering scandal


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I like her already.

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As a Japanese,or human, I can't overlook the issue.

i do'nt think Mr. Sagawa, a cheif finance Dept. tempered with the public document in favor of Mr. Abe by his own himself.

We should summon Mr. Sagawa to Diet to investigate it,

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Now, this is a bolt out of the blue.

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But Kono said the government must squarely face "the pain of those involved,"

I wonder what he thinks that would entail, if it weren't just the first hollow-sounding platitude he could come up with.

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Now that's politics.

Go, Seiko!

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While this does indeed come out of the left field, let's not forget that it's election-time, hence: promise-time. And, more importantly, let's not forget that promises ultimately only bind those who believe in them...

Noda had been a minister in the Abe administrations from 2017 to 2018 and while the public (and political outrage) at the Moritomo scandal was deafening, I do not recall her expressing any opinion about it back then...Again, I may have missed it, but in case there was nothing to miss back then, why is she talking about it now?

Anyway, Noda remains a non-entity in her own party as shown in this chart, courtesy of the Yomiuri dated 9/17.


She also remains a non-entity to the public as shown in this poll, courtesy of TBS dated 9/4 - 9/5.


Noda is just a part of the "minimum quota" of females in the population of the party, nothing more...

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Noda, while backing certain, what passes for, progressive measures - her reasoning is often skewed and reveals a basically conservative nature.

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I'm curious what the public opinion polls will say about the general public's feelings toward the four LDP candidates, after today's pseudo-debate.

Noda certainly seemed the most passionate. The only one showing any feeling, really. She may not have a snowball's chance in hell within the party. But, she would definitely be a breath of fresh air for Japan, if hell did freeze over, and she somehow became PM.

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