Moon expects next S Korean gov't to improve ties with Japan


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Keep politics out of the relationship and the sky is the limit!

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Ha! Such a hypocrite :-D

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So he’s basically saying ‘once I leave, relations will get better’

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"To find a solution that can be accepted by victims and promote true reconciliation, I believe a sincere attitude and mindset toward history matter the most," said Moon.

Laughable. It is South Korea that does need a sincere attitude and mindset toward history. Do something

with those role players who have been fooled your own country and the entire world first!.

Listen to those fellow Koreans who are now trying to expose all those lies piled on lies taking great risks to do so in your dishonest society against all odds.

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The relationship between S Korea & Japan won’t improve dramatically even if whoever become new president.

It can’t be helped because of it relying on Chinese stronger economy and also the geographical disadvantage.

S Korea is connected to China and N Korea. As long as China economy weakens dramatically, S Korea won’t get closer to Japan or democratic countries.

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It's South Korea's fault that relations haven't improved. Moon's administration dissolved the comfort women fund that Japan started, threatened to pull out of GSOMIA, then lied about consulting the U.S. on GSOMIA. The week after Trump met with Kim Jong Un for the first time, South Korea cancelled its joint military drill along the border, yet it still did its regular drill on the Liancourt Rocks in case of an “invasion from Japan.” 

Nothing Moon has done has shown any indication of wanting to improve ties.

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moon is such a liar.

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Funny coming from Moon who single handely destroyed SK-JPN relations by immediately ripping up the "Permanent and Irreversible" Comfort Women Agreement of 2015. Unless he's simply saying no one could make it any worse than he did.

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South Korea respects China.

They respect Kim in North.

They respect Putin in Russia.

All the above countries did terrible things, yet a complete pass and good relations with S. Korea.

Japan pacifist, apologetic, compensation, give S.Korea everything they want..... Guess how much they hate Japan.

The S. Korean government has benefitted at every turn being anti-Japan, thats why in South Korea it doesnt matter the party, doesnt matter left, right or center. In S. Korea they all hate Japan equally, we made the environment in S. Korea, where everyone in the government hates Japan.

The consequences of dozens of apologies and compensation multiple times, is on display for the world to see. Has only made things worse! Korea hates Japan more now then ever before! The more you give, the more weakness you show, the worse it will get.

South Koreas goverment feeds on Japanese weakness, apologies, and getting elected by telling citizens how anti-Japan they are! How they will go back on agreements signed and apologies received. That's how Moon the lawyer and ex military got elected.

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There's no where to go but up, so that's not such a startling prediction.

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Well Moon, would, wouldn't he?

After spending his fist day in office government spitting poison and nails politicising his domestic court system to rain his unique brand of detestation revulsion on Japan people.

His legacy is wrapped around his loathing of Japan

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Moon trying to bow out gracefully as he passes the responsibility on.

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A UNESCO designation for the Sado Mine would be a great opportunity for Japan to tell the true history of the forced labor used in that mine. In fact UNESCO should make that a condition of such designation and Japan should support this.

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This will surprise many here but read down to the third paragraph in this link about South Korean's perceptions of Japan and China.


I have seen similar study results elsewhere. South Korean's views on China have fallen across the board but especially among the young. What is most surprising is that younger South Korean now view Japan more favorably than China.

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