More wartime labor suits filed in S Korea against Japanese firms


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SK prepare to get more of this kind of lawsuit because sooner or later everyone will have a relative who worked for Japan during the period of colonization...and I think my grandparents grandparents were taken as workers by UK, can I sue now?

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Political exploitation of the war time slave issue will be what president Moon will be remembered for, and it will bite him eventually and drag him down. I just hope Abe stays composed and consistent.

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Sad SK. They really do need to move on. It's the 21st century now.

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And this is why Japan cannot allow payments to happen. It took South Koreans no time at all to prove that this will never stop. It's not about justice, it's about a payday.

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To quote Edith Piaf's last words: "Every damn fool thing you do in this life you pay for." Well, it's true for nations and companies as for people. Japan's companies used Korea people as slave laborers. It's past time they pay up. It's that simple.

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China is going to completely dominate East Asia - meanwhile South Korea and Japan are busy fighting a cold war with each other through the courts. I see politicians looking for short term gains at the expense of their own long term interests.

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Justice in japan and sk is not about the law but protecting or serving your own.

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Look at the results of giving apologies and compensation for the last 60 years. If you keep on this path you'll never have good relations with S. Korea or North Korea.

Standing up for yourself will bring Korea closer, otherwise this vicious circle will never end and they will hate you forever no matter what you do.

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If surviving family members can be plaintiffs, this issue like the sex slave one, will never be over. All aboard the gravy train!

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i think most people here agree that someone has to pay for using such things as slave labor for their own profit. The point questioned here is not that but after how long and after paying how much can someone still claim compensation.

So just saying you have to pay for the bad things you need is just too simple.

Going with this logic what should European countries who based the build up of their economy exploiting colonies for their own profit do ?

What if families of people exploited in Africa or Asia some 200 hundred years ago (and for some of them not that far) for the profit of Euopean companies should then start sueing European companies?

This will have no end...

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Just as we all suspected.

You give them an inch, they'll take 10,000 kilometers.

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Absolutely ridiculous... typical South Korean attitude to the whole thing. Move on already jeez...

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As with most business that gets unexpected costs, these companies can/will raise local prices and these claims will be paid for by South Koreans themselves.

Fighting wars is lose lose lose for everyone. Lose lives, lose property and lose money.

The UK was paying off war loans for decades and they won.

*UK** settles WWII debts to allies. Britain will settle its World War II debts to the US and Canada when it pays two final installment's before the close of 2006*


That Japan has received claims at this date is not all that surprising when put in contrast of what was done during the war.

*After the war, in 1960, Greece accepted 115 million Marks from West Germany as compensation for Nazi crimes. ... On 8 February 2015, the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras demanded that Germany pay the complete reparations to Greece.*


No point being angry at South Korea. Stay calm and deal with the issue. it is not isolated to "just happens to Japan".

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 I wonder if this will catch on in Vietnam against Korean Soldiers rapes of Vietnamese women in the Vietnam War?

Exellent point. Koreans like to play victim, but prefer to ignore their own crimes.

South Korea is like a spoiled child, whatever Japan does, no matter how deeply it apologizes, Koreans will never be happy and always demand more. Japan should talk to them as less as possible, do not apologize any more and just calmly watch them throw their tantrums.

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@jeancolmar-To quote Edith Piaf's last words...Japan's companies used Korea people as slave... It's past time they pay up. It's that simple.

Meh, padam, padam, padam....

You need to inform yourself. An agreement has already been reached between SK & Japan that included compensation. During negotiation, Japan wanted to pay the victims directly, BUT SK, insisted Japan pay a lump sum to the SK government, who will then distribute compensation to affected SKoreans.

The SK court decision is not consistent with the negotiated settlement, and it sets a very dangerous precedent for the global community.

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The solution is simple.

For every dollar / yen / won that Korea extorts from the Japanese companies, Japan imposes 5x that amount in fines / asset seizures against Korean assets / holdings in the U.S.

Force the Korean government to sort out their mess at home with the courts.

And if they don't, then Japan seize any and all assets of Korea in Japan!

Korea is making their problem Japan's problem!

It is intended to do exactly what they are trying to do.... extort money while hiding behing the "independent judiciary" argument.

Fine, you have an independent judiciary. Japan doesn't care. They will recoup any monies seized in amounts that are 5x times seized. And you can figure out how to sort that out domestically in Korea!! Not Japan's problem!!

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Sorry that should have been.....

".... in fines / asset seizures against Korean assets / holdings in Japan!"

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If you kick a puppy, it will bite you back when it’s a dog.

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What about the countries that been kicking Asia, Africa and Latin America long before Japan even industrialized.

Free pass. Don't have to apologize, no compesation needed.

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If you kick a puppy, it will bite you back when it’s a dog.

Not a great analogy, since the biting dog usually gets put down...

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If South Korea can't be a victim 24/7 it will lose its national identity.

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