NTT execs take 3-month pay cut over dining with gov't officials


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Just a 3-month-pay cut?

How about cutting their summer bonus, too?

And how about those government officials?

By the way, Yen 60.000 for one person per dinner?

Must have been quite some w(h)ining and dining!!

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Couldn’t the act of taking a reduced salary for 3 months to ‘take responsibility’ or ‘share responsibility’ with the government ministry officials who broke their ethics code be seen as further cosying up to the ministry by NTT?

’You got yourself in trouble by meeting with us even though we didn’t break any rules ourselves - we just want the best deals and contracts for our own company and shareholders - therefore we will take a self imposed hit in order to keep in your good books and continue to get the special deals and contracts in the future.’

What a ridiculous song and dance this all is.

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NTT's investigation panel said in its report such meetings resulted in the officials involved violating an ethic code for public servants and the group "cannot escape criticism." But it did not find the group asked the ministry for a favor over dinner.

Come on NTT, hold off a little on the bloodthirstiness. You are dealing with the creme de la creme of the LDP and Japan Inc.

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I cannot stop laughing. 3 months and cuts only?!

And I bet they will use this as an excuse for reducing the tax base and therefore paying less.

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Japanese execs love these token 3 month paycuts as so-called penance.The jokers.

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What a joke!!

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Technical foul

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Cut their pension payments by 30% instead.

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tsumari, slap on the wrist

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So THAT'S where the monthly fee goes.

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