People in situation similar to 'black rain' to get help: gov't


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If you are a fan of deeply horrific literature, read "Hiroshima" by John Hersey in which he describes the 'black rain' as told to him by Genbaku victims shortly after the American test of its new toy on Humans to judge its' value' and FOR NO OTHER STRATEGIC REASON AS YOU WILL DISCOVER IF YOU READ THE AMERICAN DOCUMENTS ON THE WALLS OF THE PEACE MUSEUM IN HEIWA KOEN, HIROSHIMA. Japan had been trying to negotiate surrender for months and American psychopaths ignored them in anticipation of trying out and comparing Uranium versus Plutonium in annihilating women, children, and old folks, essentially the only people left in Hiroshima at that time. It was an atrocity which just adds to the list of American atrocities, crimes against Humanity, that make up much of American history, but unforgiveable by ANY thinking Human even a White, American exMarine who must bear the shame...

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I just read Ibuse Masuji's novel "Black Rain" and anyone who lived through that terror deserves to be recognized as hibakusha. Nuclear weapons should never be used again, anywhere or for any reason.

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I can't think of it without crying...

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So the people of Tokyo who received horrific burns from the fire bombing from "regular" bombs get nothing for their injuries but those who got lesser injuries from radioactive weapons get a payment. Though not wanting to undermine the suffering of the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the fire bomb victims has it as bad as you and get nothing. My mother in law is 84 and has horrific burns over her body. Had she been in Hiroshima and not Tokyo she would be getting a special pension. A burn is a burn, a victim is a victim... Stop playing for sympathy on the world stage!

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