Ruling lawmaker quits party over allegations of drinking with teen


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If true, it is extremely regrettable

”regrettable” lol

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Why that little scandalous dwarf !

Went out for drinks with a teenage girl and didn't think anyone would notice ?

I wonder how much the magazine paid her for the story ?

Her claim to fame.

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A House of Representatives member from a ruling party faction led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida quit the party Friday over a magazine report that he went out for drinks with an 18-year-old girl and gave her 40,000 yen, party sources said.

The drinking age in Japan is 20,

Are the police going to arrest the girl for underage drinking?

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he student allegedly told the magazine she received 40,000 yen from him.

And how much was she paid by the magazine? This young woman is about as mercenary as you can get!

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Lose his job, prestige and most likely divorce.

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It marks the first time an LDP Diet member has resigned due to allegations of misconduct since the Kishida administration took office last October.

Seeing the trend where politicians are not even taking care of hiding their misdeeds it is not likely that this will be the last member to resign for the same motive.

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They were followed to a hotel later too of course. Of course the girl told the stalker press all about it. Says she is “inexperienced” and should not have done it.

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His age, marital status and if he has any 18 year old daughters would be helpful information.

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Sooooo……no reprimands?

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Sound like a set up!

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Sometimes one just has to set the more pleasant priorities. What was or will be your choice when around 40? The girl for sure or the party career, limited in time and unsure right from the beginning? lol

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He'll just lay low and return a few years later after the furor dies down

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He was married. Wife will forgive him no doubt.

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