Shift to decarbonized growth needs concerted effort: BOJ chief


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Kuroda saying we have to start now is kinda 20 years too late. Kishida doesn't have any bold policies for climate change, in fact in a questionnaire he responded by saying that we needed more scientific verification that climate change is caused by humans. Good luck Kuroda.

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He should stick to doing his job: overseeing the nation's monetary policy. Green loans are not in his remit.

"...the U.S. Federal Reserve is seen as cautious about incorporating climate change into its monetary policy."

Wise stance.

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Decarbonized growth? That alone is of course a contradiction in itself. lol

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Going to a carbon-neutral economy is, of course, necessary to preserving humanity on this planet.

However, going carbon-neutral is not enough. If it were possible to wave a magic wand, and suddenly stop adding carbon to the atmosphere, the carbon and methane and other green house gases that we have already put into the atmosphere are enough to cause the melting of the arctic tundra, and the melting of both the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps. For the next several hundred years, the effects on the biosphere of our past actions will be catastrophic.

If we want to minimize the damage to the atmosphere, we have to not only go carbon-neutral as quickly as possible, but we have to find ways to remove the green house gases from the atmosphere that we have already put there.

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