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Suga rules out dissolving lower house soon so he can focus on COVID response


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Jun Azumi, head of parliamentary affairs at the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, criticized the prime minister's unwillingness to set a date for the general election as "irresponsible."

You can complain all you want, and you know it will be "soon" but the odds of you winning enough seats to make a difference are somewhere between slim and none!

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instead of dissolving the lower house may be it would be better to dissolve his s term!

9 ( +11 / -2 )

Yeah, now that the Olympics have passed and we're going on two years since Corona first started up, why not start focussing?

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If you ever need an example for difference of talking and then contradicting practically doing, above is a good one, if not the ‘best’ ever.

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It doesn't matter what his approval rating is. The vast majority of those who bother to vote in Japan will vote LDP regardless of any scandals, poor performance or popularity. Much of Japan still has a feudal mindset so vote accordingly.

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Well regardless if the main opposition party is voted in they will still get stuck due to The current House of Councilors being controlled by the LDP meaning every attempt to pass any laws which still needs to go through them and like they did in 2009 to the DPJ, they will just delay any bills from going to a vote making it expire and never being returned to the House of Representatives to be vetoed.

I still think we should vote them out but we are not done with LDP just because we vote them out of government. we have to also vote them out of the House of councilors before we can see any real changes.

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Wow, just like koike, once the games were cancelled in March 2020 she SUDDENLY was all about "dealing"" with covid...and then proceeded to NOT deal with it!

Now we have suga when the para games are on the verge of ending, now SUDDENLY be all about ""dealing"" with covid...my $$ is on he still doesnt do a damned thing for the people of his country, for shame!

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Great, we need you Suga-san. You are doing a good job in these difficult times.

-12 ( +0 / -12 )

Well. That's convenient. What is he going to do? Volunteer at a SARSCoV-2 clinic?

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Lot more going on behind-the-scenes here than the Kyodo article tells us. Nikai is not happy to be getting the boot and Aso is now calling for Suga's head. Suga may be taking some big ones down with him. Got something right for once.


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Considering the severity of the current situation, dissolving (the lower house) isn't possible right now,

translation: ‘No way I can face the electorate with my approval ratings in the mid-twenties.’

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Mr Suga. You Allow the "Games" but you will not be prepared to allow a much-needed Nation Election.

The Country comes "FIRST". Petty Politics has NO PLACE in a Pandemic.

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Suga rules out dissolving lower house soon so he can focus on COVID response

So he can focus on seeing how much more damage he can do to the country on the way down.

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instead of dissolving the lower house may be it would be better to dissolve his s term!

Or his party altogether!

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

so he can focus on COVID response

You mean something that should have been the number one priority since he took over office?

Yeah, I guess. I mean, what has he been doing since?

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"It all comes down to the COVID-19 situation. It's impossible to decide whether to dissolve (the lower house) or not just yet," said one person close to Suga.

God help Japan. The Geriatric-in-Chief is extending the reign of error.

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