Suga says a few days needed to judge whether to widen virus state of emergency


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will take "a few days" before judging whether to expand a state of emergency declared over the coronavirus pandemic to Osaka

How many people need to be effected by virus during "a few days" ?

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Meetings and steering committees!

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Oh by all means take your time, no rush at all. Taking a wait and see approach has worked so well so far, lets just stick with that.

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So work late, no dinner.

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Yes good idea bagasu your 1 month to show an improvement is already underway. FEB 7th and you should resign.

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Suga is dithering while according to Daisuke Kurai, professor of infectious diseases at Kyorin University Hospital in Tokyo, "the medical care system is already in a state of collapse".

At the same time, Suga and the denizens of Kasumigaseki don't have to worry about access to timely medical care. And so they focus on maintaining a facade of normalcy.

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just do it already!

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"We cannot have any void in policy, it is my mission to carry forward what has been done under Prime Minister Abe."

"I want to create a government that people can trust. I will push ahead with deregulation and put an end to ministry sectionalism, endemic vested interests and the practice of blindly following past precedents, I will create a working cabinet."

I believe Suga san made this statement before assuming the Office of Prime Minster on the 16th of September 2020.

The first and most pressing challenge, indeed the top priority is this pandemic.

One area that will govern the short to medium term outcome and give a clear indication to the spread of COVID-19 and its variants is a comprehensive test regime.

Cumulative number of people undergoing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for coronavirus (COVID-19) in Japan as of January 8, 2021, by type of patients.


If these numbers are correct, then any strategy to contain the pandemic will be hampered by a lack of available nationwide data to track the spread or ultimately produce an up to date testing policy.

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Primister Suga , your hospitals are 30 percent over capacity. P lls decide to shut down immediately.

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Let's face it, this is a few days to check with the different LDP factions to see what they tell him.

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