Trump, Abe to focus on alliance, N Korea, Indo-Pacific: White House


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According to a tabloid a few days ago, the reason that Abe is always sitting next to Trump at international conferences and the like is that all the other leaders refuse to sit next to him.  I wonder.

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America and Japan need each other as ally’s as we also need China, South Korea, Taiwan, India & Russia to stop the evil intentions of North Korea! Only a free and open Indio-Asian community will guarantee peace. We pray for peace and social justice.

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U.S, Japan, South Korea, India & Australia That's the way its shaping up.

We should be talking a lot more about the relationship between the U.S & India.

In my view, fostering that relationship, constantly working to make it stronger, is what will achieve a peaceful 21st century Asia. We must be highly vigilant about countries like China trying to ruin it for their own ambitions.

I am actually very optimistic the future of Asia and the world in general when the worlds largest and most powerful Western and Eastern democracies come together.

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@Jim Wilson: "Only a free and open Indio-Asian community will guarantee peace. We pray for peace and social justice."

We are and have been in a state of peace for a long time. Also, I cannot recall any terrorism in Japan since Aum Shinrikyo which was domestic terrorism.

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I wonder if Trump ever stops talking, even for a minute?

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LOL... Abe looks like the belle of the ball... or perhaps more like Cinderella waiting her turn to try on the glass slipper...

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