U.S. lifts post-Fukushima import restrictions on Japanese farm products


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Glad to see that the radiation has finally dissipated.


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This means I have to double check on the label when I buy Japanese food the next time and look for the word 福島.

Or I will just have to avoid Japanese food all together like I do with Chinese food.

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According to the ministry, the United States is the third-largest importer of Japanese farm and food products after Hong Kong and China.

Now, that is a surprise.

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Mushrooms? OMG, Mushrooms from east Ukrain a until today not for eat in reason of the Tschernobyl accident!

Especial mushrooms keep radioactivity long time.

Dont eat mushrooms from Fukushima area!

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Fukushima is a big prefecture, and not all of it suffers radiation. It’s such basic information.

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If one of the Korean Olympic athletes can eat it, anyone can.

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Best ever peaches.

And Zuchi is correct. Much lower levels.

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Glad to see that the radiation has finally dissipated.

Too right!

Into the environment….

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Fukushima is a big prefecture

It's not just Fukushima that's radiation contaminated, but its surrounding 13 prefectures as well.

Under the restrictions, U.S. imports of a total of 100 agricultural products produced in 14 Japanese prefectures including Fukushima had been suspended.

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Fukushima peaches are the best in the world and for the last two years have not been able

to get them. Terrible

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If the tested radiation levels are below those set by the FDA, (which they are) I don’t see a problem.

However, there will be the issue of name association, such as when Corona Beer had to suspend production because of a certain Chinese virus.

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Rather you than me.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

It's amazing how Japanese peasants will always coverup any human catastrophe to support the government narrative.

Go watch Minamata, the last movie of Jonny Deep; has a lot in common with the Fukushima fiasco.

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A bit soon, maybe wait at least another 1,000 years.

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I enjoyed the news report that South Korea's tantrum was all ignored at IAEA conference almost at the same timing, and hence, SK ended up with piling shame on top of shame. IAEA should check much more into what's going on SK's nuclear plants rather than Fukushima

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