U.S. to push for FTA with Japan, with eye on farm market opening


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Speaking of free trade just yesterday I saw dress shoes discounted 30%! Is that thanks to ASEAN FTA?

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Trump also suggested the United States will demand a further opening of Japan's agriculture market in negotiations, citing Tokyo's imposition of a variable system of tariffs on beef and pork imports.


"A number of international competitors, such as Australia, face much lower Japanese tariffs, so a free trade agreement with Japan could level the playing field for U.S. exporters," the report said.

It came a week after Lighthizer expressed concern that the recent enforcement of a revised Trans-Pacific Partnership -- an 11-member FTA including Japan and Australia -- as well as an FTA between Japan and the European Union, will put American farmers and ranchers at a disadvantage.

Trump just didn't get it did he?".. I don't like multi-partner trade agreements, we outa this tpp on day one.."

Now, "No fair. Other countries get lower tariffs. No fair"

Geeez - what an economic mastermind!!!

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