U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen to visit Japan July 12-13


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Yellen will meet with her Japanese counterpart Shunichi Suzuki to discuss higher energy prices, growing food insecurity and the building of stronger and more resilient supply chains, the department said.

"Your social inequality is coming along nicely there Suzuki-san. Soon you will be on par with the US in that regard. "

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Just another HUGE waste of money, how many planes does it take to get her and her staff here? anything they discuss could be discussed online, hypocrites

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she will bring new notes for Fumio and co what they have to do what they have to talk and how they have to act.

main point is antirussian sanctions where Japan thetoric is well ahed of real actions and sure white house dislike to see that and want push own poodle to obey more their narrative.Japan have no way to keep going if will cut itself from russian gas,oil,minerals etc,same time white house is puching for this action very hard.

you cant seat on two chairs same time,you cant attend two weddings at same time too.LDP sitting at crossroads and we will see their level of of subordinance to american interests...

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Luckily Japan can still use SWIFT, so we can give her as much money as she demands.

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@Eastman and Rodney: Why do you assume a partnership consists of one party dictating what the other needs to do? It's much more logical that the countries want to work together for their mutual benefit...

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She is one of the most unimpressive people in an admin full of them.

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