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U.S. upset by ASEAN's 'effort to embarrass' Trump via partial boycott


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an intentional effort to embarrass the President of the United States of America

Oh, he's quite capable of doing that with no external effort.

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"A full or partial boycott by ASEAN leaders will be seen as an intentional effort to embarrass the President of the United States of America and this will be very damaging to the substance of the ASEAN-U.S. relations," the message said, according to the diplomat who was speaking on condition of anonymity.

Lol! Trump is embarrassing the ASEAN leaders by not showing up himself! He is an arse for thumbing his nose at them!

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the mental gymnastics that the White House had to perform to make this statement would be almost impressive if it weren't so farcical

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When you're mad that other people didn't show up to the party that you didn't go to.

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This is what we get for putting an idiot in the White House.

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POTUS should have attended the meeting himself but because of the constant political harassment by the Democrats, can't say one can blame him for being gone and faced with more fake news and made up garbage vs working on a final national budget, afterall the Dems have had 2.5 yrs wasted.

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Another confirmation that the current occupant of the White House is unfit to be President of the United States of America (POTUS).

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Nobody can embarrass that shameless orange shyster who with the help of his enablers has made a joke of his country's democracy.

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To all the ASEAN countries. Let me speak on Trump's behalf when I say, those holes at his resorts are not going to play themselves. Please schedule around his golfing trips or hold the summit at one of his properties if you wish for him to attend.

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Skipping the meeting himself and getting a downgrade for his appointee upsets Trump. He's like a 10yr old who decides to send his teenage brother to an invited birthday party and gets upset the teenage brother was ignored. He then disinvite himself to all future parties to punish the host. TRUMP is not fit to be the POTUS.

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Asean shouldn't even send their foreign ministers. Just send their national security advisors. That's all America gave, after all.

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The headline is not quite accurate; the U.S. is not upset, Trump is upset. Most of us over here think he should be thrown out of office, before he abandons more of our allies.

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The USA has no one to blame but them selves as China gleefully expands its influence. They will live to deeply regret this.

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It's just another instance that reveals that Trump's "America First" is really "America Only" policy.

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China gets Winnie the Pooh, America gets a classic Oompa-Loompa.

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The practice in international affairs has always been that leaders meet with leaders and subordinates meet with subordinates, but even here Trump had to make it about himself. Of course, he cannot comprehend any world event more cataclysmic than an embarrassment for Donald Trump.

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How do you embarrass a moron, exactly? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Being a concerned and I think responsible American citizen; I feel it is time for Donny J to get over himself; put on his big boy pants and act like an adult instead of a belligerent, spoiled, self serving 10 year old and stop his temper tantrums. The world does not revolve around the office of the President or any other government entity.

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The Presidential Library system is now preparing Trumps section of Marvel & DC comic books

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Can't be everywhere and everything.

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This is the one where he didn't know to cross hands. He will not be missed as USA slips into irrelevance

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If Trump isn't going to turn up the other leaders know that

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Well, what did Mr. T expect? He's bullied these Asian leaders, threatened them with additional tariffs, not to mention pulling out from South Korea and Japan in the defense department. Instead of trying to work with these allies, who are quite mild compared to the turmoil in the Mideast, he deliberately tries to antagonize them.

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USA have been the chaos creator of the world any nation interfere by USA never recover from Africa ,middle East to south America .It is time to drop the use of dollar and stop financing their debt .as a big country USA have been very irresponsible and lately criminal .The humatarian crisis in the world are majority USA creation .The USA allied just being polite don't want to point the blame a USA .

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Personally, Trump doesn't seem to be president.

He thinks of each country as a business and sells it.

There is absolutely no justice or humanity.

If he continues to do politics, no country will remain.

Trump reminds me of the principle of Peter.

Trump is a good example of the Peter principle.

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Trump is an embarrassment to his nation! Nobody can do that except his excellency himself! Don't blame the ASEAN countries!

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