Wartime laborer statue removed from near Japanese consulate in Busan


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Going by this logic, America should insist on the removal of the Hiroshima peace museum.

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These are the key paragraphs in the above article:

The labor union activists and the government of the Dong-gu district, in which the consulate and park are located, had earlier agreed that the statue could be temporarily erected in the park.

But that idea was subsequently opposed by the Busan Metropolitan City government on grounds that the park is contiguous to the consulate. It suggested they consider another site.

This is apparently the only reason the statue was order removed from that particular site.

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"America should insist on the removal of the Hiroshima peace museum."

Is the Hiroshima peace museum in front of the American consulate in Hiroshima????

Does America have a consulate in Hiroshima?

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Obviously the act or "removal" also brings and did bring "attention" to the statue and the mindset of the S Korean people.

In light if the excessively abrasive and bold actions by the S Korean government as well in all other areas relating to Japan, including the WHO push to stop export of foods from Japan, suggesting that "all" Japanese food has been affected by the Fukushima disaster and the S Korean Supreme Court declaring old and settled war time activities relate to current entities and must pay for claims which the defendant had no voice what so ever, their "intentions" are not good for Japan.

They are playing an international media game to "discredit" and "criminalize" Japan and the Japanese.

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Probably the South Koreans will put the statue where the Japanese can see it.

Right-wing Japanese have problems with statues that remind them of the truth.

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Haha yes a museum at ground zero is the same as building statues all over the country, including buses, and overseas in other countries as well. lol

Japan is also moving on from the past, unlike Korea. Doesn't need compesation, doesn't ask for apology than say its not sincere, doesn't ask for compensation then say it doesn't cover this type damage, or that kind of damage after you agreed it covers all damages 1965.

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GoodlucktoyouToday  05:10 pm JST

Going by this logic, America should insist on the removal of the Hiroshima peace museum.

Good example your own logic is just non-logical

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I already it said: North Korea is actually less harmful for Japan than South Korea, and this says it all. You can find South Korean anti-Japanese propaganda also on YouTube.

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Money paid to remove this

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Anyone with common sense can see what bullies these anti-Japan South Koreans are. Totally childish in antagonizing Japanese businesses and consulates with their little statues. Glad to see some mature individuals saw the light here.

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Why do Companies organize themselves in groupings such as "Japan" and "Asia ex Japan" ?

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