White House mum on whether Biden plans to attend Tokyo Olympics


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No other real option here, the US government is making a very serious appeal for the public to do as much as possible to control COVID without loss of time, this would make it now a terrible timing to talk about celebrations and trips to attend the games. Still good to see they are not as pressured by the money to be made in the games as the host country.

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Suga said in March that he plans to invite Biden to the Olympics, due to open on July 23 following a one-year postponement from the original schedule due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

So that's trip purpose, to promote Olympics.

Suga conveyed Japan's resolve to hold the Olympics this summer to demonstrate "world unity," according to the Japanese Foreign Ministry's press release on their meeting.

World unity, some countries even having difficulty to get vaccines. Even countries who does still takes some times to inoculate their citizens like Japan.

Even Japan is considered fail to contain pandemic from latest report by expert scientist.


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[Psaki] emphasized that the Japanese government has made public health the "central priority" 

Rather, the Japanese government has said it has made public health the central priority.

By holding the games it has shown no such priority.

Better headline: Suga Meets Biden to Promote Olympics

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The fact that there is No Comment speaks volumes. Take a hint Japan.

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What am I missing? Aren't foreign spectators not allowed?

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Kamala Harris, meanwhile, expressed her support when Suga conveyed Japan's resolve to hold the Olympics

My respect for Kamala Harris just dropped a notch.

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My respect for Kamala Harris just dropped a notch.

I fear there will be more KH notches to drop in the days, weeks and months to come, speaking of which, when a man of Biden's age (and mental condition) talks about "the future", he will usually keep his own counsel and mutter under his breath, "Inshallah!" I'm sure Biden in his wisdom has given little thought to Tokyo's Olympic Sports Palooza.

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Come, visit Japan.! We've got all the latest C19 variants. The UK one , all of what Brazil has , we even have some found here.

Don't just trust Big Pharma, Come and truly test your vaccines.

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I cannot see any relevance of this summit in the middle of the pandemic. Instead of promoting the Olympics, Suga must come back to Japan ASAP and deal with the variant resurgence!!!!

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White House mum on whether Biden plans to attend Tokyo Olympics

I'm 99.9999999% sure, that during the meeting, Biden was "MUM".

But as soon as Suga and his cronies left the room, there was a big laugh from Biden's camp. And all Biden could say was "That's gonna be a NO from me, dawg!"

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He wont be coming even if the games go ahead, he would face a TON of flak from not just the usual repubs but the US public as well!!

Plus nations are waiting to see if the Japan Games start taking political hits, like if China bails or something, plus there are HUGE costs in getting people & gear to Japan & if\when canceled nations are trying to reduce lost costs as much as possible.....

Its a complete mess for a million reasons, it needs to be shelved or a lot of people are going to get sick not just in Japan but overseas as well....just insane really.

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She emphasized that the Japanese government has made public health the "central priority" as host of the games, 

Obviously Kamila didn't double check the level of Japan,s testing and vaccinations and took at face value the J govt propaganda drivel about " public health priority". No country that values public health would push on with Olympics amid an infection surge with less than 100 days left.

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My respect for Kamala Harris just dropped a notch.

Respect and Kamala have never gone hand-in-hand for me in the first place.

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No foreign spectators allowed so it will be a great look with foreign dignitaries still allowed in as specially allowed guests. Magnificent games showing mankind's victory over the virus with empty stadiums except for the ruling elites and privileged IOC members!

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If Biden doesn't attend, better not let US athletes to go to Japan. If US athletes don't come, JOC/IOC would decide to cancel the Olympics as a result.

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I'd like Biden to take the trip. I wonder how many masks he would wear?

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But Seriously, why would he even wish to come here ? Come to Japan, bring back the Japanese variant of the Virus to the US...

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