YouTuber-turned-lawmaker expelled for missing Diet sessions


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He sent a video? Oh, excellent decision. If I never attended any "session" of my job, I'd be expelled on the second day.

This person was given opportunity after opportunity, including while facing lawsuits.

I'm not glad he lost his job, I'm glad he can realise what responsibility is.

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Great that this dropkick was booted out. Absolute dropkick with zero understanding of democracy.

Good message - never, ever vote for single issue parties.

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“In December, Japanese police asked GaaSyy to undergo voluntary questioning on suspicion of defamation and extortion in connection with his YouTube posts, according to investigative sources.

The police searched several locations linked to him over the allegations in January.”

Maybe those criticizing his refusal to come back in person are not familiar with how fast he will be put in prison when he does.

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Soon he will move to Lebanon and join the crowd.

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""He has been criticized for collecting more than 19 million yen in salary and bonuses since being elected to parliament despite never attending.""

Wow, that was easy cash for him.

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Gotta admit though. Those meetings are hella boring.

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Well now he's no longer exempt from being apprehended!

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It’s not like he’s absent because he doesn’t want to go to work. He couldn’t attend diet because he’s not in Japan in fear of persecution. Technically, he’s a political refugee.

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He has been criticized for collecting more than 19 million yen in salary and bonuses since being elected to parliament despite never attending.

Isn't that what most in the LDP do? Get paid to do absolutely nothing?

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Well, he also may be the most effective member of parliament, or any legislative body in the world.

He hasn’t made any mistakes, political gaffs, offended anyone, voted the “wrong way,” introduced legislation for more laws, rules, restrictions (we may just have enough of them after all these centuries) or taken contributions by companies or organizations in exchange for voting the “right way” on something.

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Did anyone see the irony of Muneo Suzuki complaining about this.

Wasn't he banned for some serious stuff.

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