Abe, Macron discuss N Korea, Iran


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And this is what happens when powerful abdicate leadership.

Trump. Is. The. Worst. Ever.

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interesting body language

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Well done PM Abe Well done!. Japan and France will make a great partnership for protecting the liberal world order. Japan should invest more Europe and not in China or Asia. France is country of laws.

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Was he trying not to shake hands with Putin? That is an awkward or shopped photo. France doesn't give a crap about Korea. They sold them weapons along with the Russians.

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@ econostats - agree 100%! Another amazing Summit with a great result, thanks to PM Abe. We can now expect major Japanese investment inFrance, for developments and joint project. And I hope the government here will urge Japanese people to purchase more French produce, wines, cheese etc. Win-win to boom both economy.

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"We would like to dramatically promote ties between Japan and France, which are special partners," Abe said at the start of the talks over lunch.

Dramatically. Kind of unusually strong tone for conservative Japanese politicians.

France is country of laws.

Liberty, fraternity etc. France is a good country to be partners with. They still have a lot of interest in the Indo Pacific in terms of territory. They are building those Australian subs which locks Australia and France together. They have also been pursuing stronger ties with India. It all makes sense.

Can France solve its radical Islamist problem is the biggest question they face.

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NK and Iran is none of japans or frances business. Unless they want to massacre vast numbers of civilians for oil or resoruses...

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Putin's probably right. They are all on the sidelines. Macron's facial expressions sometimes look a bit intense / strange.

Pic 1: Going head to head.

Pic 2 WTF - He turned his back on me.

Pic 5 You think it's a small problem but it's going to get bigger - believe me.

Pic 6 I need to get in your face when you speak - again.

Pic 7 Good. I've hypnotized him. Now he's under my complete control.

Pic 8 Well, that didn't go so well. So let's both make a funny frown poker face as we leave.

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Good to see the agreement between Abe & Macron on Pyongyang.

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