Abe, Trump discuss Korean Peninsula's denuclearization in phone talks


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I fear Trump has way too many home problems to take this seriously. Even if he did it's become rather obvious that NK has played us once again as they always do.

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How does one enter a meaningful dialogue with the leader of the free world, who is so clearly delusional and corrupt?

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Trump and Abe can discuss all they want but Kim isn't going to budge and that's the bottom line.

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Maximum pressure... then relaxed negotiation.... now back to maximum pressure?

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Well, they can start from zero again...

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Abe has a party election so anything to seem important

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After being sadly blind- sided by the Kim-Trump summit, Shinzo Abe is now officially transformed from being America's top gun ally into a mere Donald Trump phone pal.

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Can imagin the call, Shinzo...Don I like your hamburger. Don....I like your buns. Kim's hamburgers are a tad dry we should do something about that.

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Shame Abe has zero to do with it save wanting to.

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One more thing Abe has to do, make a right list in priority order, what he talked with Trump several times, who does he has to talk is first S. Korea to know more details, to concern China and Russia behind at the other side, and finally direct talk with NK Kim J.Un previewing what will be point. He needs a good secretary and better administrative staffs or I guess many things are not going as he thinks as prime minister. His action aren't clear to me, looks sudden actions, just going wrong directions.

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Only pal.

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Abe better hurry... Trumpy won't be there much longer.

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more like Trump informed Abe how the talks are going...

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KaishuToday  11:51 am JST

"Abe better hurry... Trumpy won't be there much longer." Ha ha ha!

Look what Trump is doing for America and it is going to get even better. It looks like Q3 GDP will probably exceed 4.0%, unemployment drops to record low levels for all groups, trade deals are being finalized with Mexico, the EU and then Canada. Corporate earnings are increasing at over 22%, productivity is finally increasing for the first time in over 10 years, wages are starting to rise, consumer spending is rising to support continuation of GDP growth, and consumer balance sheets are in good shape. American consumer confidence is at record highs.

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Ray Payne

Trump won't be around much longer.

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As Kim promised with Trump"complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." The dismantle should be done from both side, it means the American bases in S. Korea, or in the battleship and submarines USA possess, too. When Abe meets Kim, Kim will say the same thing. Abe only propose to N. Korea denuclearize but Japan will be the same condition. Their missiles range is the equal from Japan, too. Abe should clear this point to Trump and start to work, or the long-standing abduction issue will never be solid even Abe has prepare some financial supports. Abe is focusing the end when it didn't really started. I want to see what Abe has in his brain...

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A good discussion pertaining to demilitarization and abductions. also is is time for a discussion between Trump and Abe for a bilateral free trade agreement between the U. S. and Japan.

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