Anti-base Okinawa governor-elect says he is ready to talk with Tokyo


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The real question is, does Tokyo want to talk to him or are they even remotely interested in anything he has to say?

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Semper Fi, CNN says his father was a US marine

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"I will exchange opinions (with Tokyo) candidly, if there are issues we can consider during the consultations," Tamaki also said.

Dialogue and peaceful activism is the only way.

Respect to you, Denny.

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Do the Okinawans realise that if the US military pulls out that would take billions out of the local economy.

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The base construction has been put on hold since the prefectural government retracted the landfill work approval in line with Onaga's instructions in July, claiming illegality in the application process. 


Certainly. More information here:


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Apparently his mother was a waitress, and his Marine father had to go back to the States before Denny was born. Denny later tried to locate his father, but was unsuccessful, because his mother had destroyed all evidence of the father and made it impossible. Sad story.

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Do the Okinawans realise that if the US military pulls out that would take billions out of the local economy.

The US military accounts for less than 5% of the GDP of Okinawa.

The fiscal argument no longer holds any water as there are substitute sources of income that would be realized if the bases were suddenly returned. (They wont) but even if they did, besides them being taken over by the JSDF, other income to recover the losses would happen.

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Illegality? Certainly. More information here:


The article dated; July 17th, 2015, and the information no longer relevant, as the case already has been to court and Onaga lost. He was on shaking ground to begin with in the first place, but went ahead anyway.

He PROMISED to abide by the decision, but we all know what happened after that, he reneged again and changed spots.

I guess when the politicians YOU like lie and deceive people and don't keep their promises, it's ok huh?

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I always question who is behind this Okinawa push to kick the US military out? Who has something to gain. I get only one answer: Beijing. As much as Senkakus islands are a distraction, so is the removal of the US bases. Beijing is dying to get their soldiers on Taiwan. With the US military just a quick flight away from Okinawa, Beijing is in check. Definitely Chinese are behind these Okinawans. 20 years ago, when China had no money they also had no military to speak of to parade. Now they are giving it their best shot to become a Pacific military along with their economic power.

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I was talking to a friend form Okinawa recently. He was saying that people from Okinawa really want a governor who agrees with their anti-base sentiments. But, unfortunately, it is Tokyo that makes the decisions, and nothing looks like it is going to change in the near future. At least they have someone who can voice their concerns. We all wish that Japan could take care of their own security concerns, but now is not the right time for the US to move out...will there ever be that time? Hmmm. Right after the US pulled out of the Philippines, China started their fight for disputed islands, remember.

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First, congratulate Denny on his victory. But Okinawa's problem will never be solved. The US does not want to leave Japan, and Japan does not have the diplomatic strength to demand a partial withdrawal of US troops. Both countries are tied hands and feet. Difficult solution to this issue.

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But Okinawa's problem will never be solved.

Okinawa's problem will never be solved so long as Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan and under Japanese jurisdiction.

As long as Okinawa is a prefecture under Japan and under Japanese jurisdiction, Okinawa will have to continue hosting military bases per the US-Japan Security Alliance Agreement.....whether staffed by U.S., joint U.S.-Japan or all Japan forces.

The solution to Okinawa's goal of ridding all military bases "that threatens Okinawa's peace and nature" is to secede from Japan and declare itself independent, sovereign country. Then it will no longer be subject to the mandate of Japanese and U.S. "occupiers" (to use the anti-U.S. base proponents' words.) and can demand the base closures and U.S. military (and JSDF) withdrawal.

Okinawa should think long and hard about going down this path. China would support a military-free and independent Okinawa for the purpose of gaining a foothold in the region and controlling it. 

But.......Okinawa doesn't consider China to be an enemy, nor mind having Chinese presence on mainland Okinawa or nearby islands, does it? And should the "New Ryukyu Government" need economic and infrastructure assistance, it can always turn to China and its One Belt One Road program.

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Okinawa might not see China as a threat but this is because of the tourism upswing, but what happens if the US leaves and China decides to “EXPAND “?

look at what is going on in other countries around the world where China is basically taking over?

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