Aso lobbies Mnuchin for Japan's permanent exemption from U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs


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ganbarejapan: "Why Australia and some other nations have the steel tariff waived,and not Japan?"

This is EXACTLY the entitlement problem I was referring to. "Why does A get it and not ME?" Japan has different protectionist measures in place that affect the US differently than Australia, and Australia has reacted differently to Trump. Saying saying, "Please waive the tariffs for me, too! But also understand we will not open up the agricultural industry, further open the automotive, or do other things that you ask for. Just cooperate and understand!"

YuriOtani: "Japan can not trust Trump's word on anything"

NOBODY can trust Trump's word on ANYTHING. Doesn't mean Japan should automatically be exempted, nor does it mean you can trust Japan ("wink wink... trust me!") either.

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It is not going to happen, Japan can not trust Trump's word on anything.

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The Congress shall have power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and to promote the general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

--  Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 1 of theUnited States Constitution:


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The deceptive PM Asso is cheating again. Instead of looking for alternative market for Japanese products, he is fixing his eyes on US market as if there is still rooms for ally Japan to occupy. No security problem, only bankrupt.

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USA just threw Canada under the bus, whom they have a trade surplus with, its closest trading partner both figuratively and literally, along with other countries with supposed strong ties. I don't see how anyone gets an exemption from his nibs

Opportunity for that CPTPP Ocean's 11 agreement to pick up some slack. Not a direct match obviously, but at least it's something welcome to ease reliance on such a spiteful and unreliable trading partner

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“American domestic steel prices have increased 37%, how does that help the manufacturers and workers.”

The same way that Japan, the lead goose of the Asian juggernauts, defied the fundamental tenets of orthodox capitalism and slavish devotion to free trade to pursue a state sponsored and guided development road.

America’s flirtation with Japan-style protectionism, is a new departure for that nation after decades of scorched earth free-trade zealotry. More to the point, it’s an admission that the globalist project, the major sponsors of whom are largely America based, is facing stiff headwinds and is in serious trouble.

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I am angry. Why Australia and some other nations have the steel tariff waived,and not Japan? It’s bullying to Japan. Drop that tariff now Mr Munchin.

PM Abe should convene big Summit with Trump soon to smooth this over.

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Japan should stop asking for exemptions, Trump only respect tough guys, such as Kim and Putin!

Exactly. Canada's leaders need to be brutal dictators who murder on a whim and then they will secure Trump's respect.

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G7 more and more look like a irrevelant organization these days, if not a total laughing stock.

Japan should stop asking for exemptions, Trump only respect tough guys, such as Kim and Putin!

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American domestic steel prices have increased 37%, how does that help the manufacturers and workers. How does that prevent the small imports of Chinese steel.

I thought Trump was selling himself as a clever businessman.

Trump protectionism will harm America.

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Will see

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@Jandworld, the G7 is happening. In Canada. It's not cancelled. You should re-read the article.

As for the tariffs on steel and aluminum, and now possibly on cars and parts, Trump is throwing the cards into the air to see where they land, putting everyone on the defensive. It's a strategy that could work, or it could blow up in his face in the form of more expensive goods for US customers, and that would slow down the American economy.

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Just ban those products were came from and related to those Republican statesmen! Once those US products producers got hurt they will blame their local Republican representatives and tge Republican will be in chaos or infighting and finally lead to the blames over Trump! Target the Republican and their local industries!

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Japan relies heavily on US imports, especially for food.  can easily buy those same foods from EU, Australia , NZ, Brazil, Argentina all large exporters of agriculture products. not much of an Allie if you threaten a friend with starvation if they dont buy your crap. LOL

, natural gas imports are cheaper from Australia , Qatar . that shale gas from the US is expensive, Airbus would happily supply Japan with the planes it needs. etc etc everything else American is made in China anyways.

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Japan is also considering countermeasures if it is not granted an exemption.

This is where Japan really needs to be careful. Japan relies heavily on US imports, especially for food. However, the US can get along just fine without Japanese imports of steel, aluminium and many other products that have attracted the tariffs.

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Cricky: "Another exemption? Because.....they want it?"

That, and they honestly feel entitled to it.

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Aso asked to Mnuchin: -Do you think we can have a good agreement of Japan's permanent exemption from U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs?

Mnuchin replied: -Well, no with me to decide. It's better your prime minister to meet our president again and play golf, maybe he recalls those earlier meetings and change his mind...

Aso; - Oh, no! It will be the same story again.

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Another exemption? Because.....they want it?

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They talk in Canada, maybe G7 is not happening this year just as nobel cancel?

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Time for a simple free trade deal.

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Abe: Look, I know we aren't doing much for you guys, but could you PLEASE make Japan the exception here? We know you can't make exceptions, but how about just for us? You know, like you did with freezing assets of people who kept buying Iranian oil? You let us off there, too, right? And in dealings with Russia. We want what's best for Japan, but we also want you to love us and want what's best for Japan while looking strong? Could you just make us an exception? No one else? Just us? Plleeeeeaaaassssee?? I've got my Abe and Trump Making America and Japan great again hat!

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