Cabinet support up, but Abe's constitutional reform plan unpopular


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Grandad must be spinning in his jug mum is so angry, Shinzo does not want to go home such a sad story on so many levels.

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People who care already know that Abe does not. Wouldn't matter if every single person in Japan were against it except Abe, he would say you all agreed with him to do it in the last election, and he'll do it anyway. That's all there is to it. Same as China or North Korea, save Abe chooses to hold an "election" when he knows it's rigged in his favor.

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Passive resistance then. See Gandhi.

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Before the win, they talk about the economy and employment. After the win, they talk about fear, danger, and revising the constitution.

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Abe is very much a disappointment. He is hungry for more power,he is begging trump to crush NK,he wants no competition to stand in his path towards more power.

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Change the second part of Article 9 so that he existence of the JSDF is recognized and the contradiction between the article and reality can be eliminated. Keep the first part of Article 9 as it is ensuring Japan will continue to be a peaceful country. That's all that's needed.

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even with low support from the general population, most people dont understand geopolitics. Abe was selected To acomplish article 9 revision. We cannot live under USA shadow forever. We are not living in a Panda world

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If people believe that Abe's intention to change article 9 is for Japan, you are definitely wrong.

Self defense is embedded in UN charter, is recognized by all nations, Japan is not excluded.

Abe's excuse is false assumption. Abe is emperor without new clothes.

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kiyoshiMukaiToday  06:11 am JST

Abe was selected To acomplish article 9 revision.

Who was he selected by, exactly? The election turn-out was pretty low and a lot of LDP candidates got elected without winning majorities. And won't accomplishing Article 9 revision be a bit hard with low support from the general population?

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PM is elected by the party not the populace.

Nothing more than a front to the party. Puppy comes to mind.

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Abe knows it is unpopular to change constitution but he had to quiet down u-yoku and so he pretended he wanted to revise.

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