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China shocked by shooting death of Abe


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That’s not what I’m reading from other news sites. Their celebrating and apparently having discounts at their stores for the occasion.

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"Such violence should be strongly condemned, but Japan should also reflect on whether there is a danger of polarization in its domestic politics," Xiang said,

Yup. China is so qualified to tell other countries to reflect on their domestic politics. LOL

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Sadly it seems many people in China are celebrating about this tragedy.


The Great Translation Movement is posting a lot of the Chinese reaction.

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"Comments gloating over the attack on Mr Abe have dominated Chinese social media, and have also surfaced on Korean platforms."


Guess that explains the downvoting of condolences here.

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"in China, the social media response was sprinkled with glee and anti-Abe vitriol." POLITICO 7/8/22. They are celebrating the assination and assassination of Former PM Abe. It makes me dislike Red China more than ever before. Both North and South Korea and now Communist China is Japan's enemies.

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I already had a low opinion of the chinazis and a somewhat apathetic attitude towards s.koreans.

I now have an even lower opinion of both.

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Letting the opinions of some define one's own opinions of entire populations is a rather reductionist reaction to a nuanced reality.

I myself, had absolutely no love for Abe to say the least, but that is not say I cannot feel a profound sadness at his senseless and cruel murder....So yeah, it is possible to chew gum and walk at the same time.

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Sickening but very expected reaction from Chinas 50-yuan army and netizens. The vitriol and hatred directed at Abe in the wake of his death is very telling of their mentality. Similarly Russian netizens are making gleeful comments - again to be expected from them.

In contrast, the citizens of free Taiwan are devastated. There is an outpouring of grief and universal feeling that "Taiwan has lost a friend", as President Tsai Ing-wen has stated. Abe loved the people and nation of Taiwan - and the feeling was mutual. He did so much for them - including ordering the deployment of Covid vaccines to Taiwan in their hour of greatest need.

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Abe had also expressed hope to visit Taiwan, a prospect that could have convulsed bilateral ties between Japan and China, which are marking the 50th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations this year.

Kind of understandable why China is not devastated.

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I guess reading the comments by chinazis and skoreans on their social media, it is becoming obvious why, despite Japan's war time activities, Japanese are still revered worldwide as being more cultured and respected...unlike the other 2.

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China is not shocked. China is happy since their frame of reference with respect to Japan is always the war.

Zhao Lijian says that China is shocked but whatever the commies say should always be interpreted as being exactly the opposite.

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I guess reading the comments by chinazis and skoreans on their social media, it is becoming obvious why, despite Japan's war time activities, Japanese are still revered worldwide as being more cultured and respected...unlike the other 2.

Put the abhorent Russians in that basket of deplorables too. They are disgracefully making fun of this tragedy on social media (twitter) also. And they wonder why the free world is against them.

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You don't really think the Chinese regard Japan as their friend, do you?  It's not a secret that the vast majority of Chinese people hate Japan,and believe Japan Is China’s enemy, so isn't it very reasonable for Chinese people to celebrate the death of an former Anti-China PM of an enemy country? The Chinese know Abe has visited the yasukuni shrine many times to worship the war criminals who participated in the war of aggression against China in ww2,not to mention that many Chinese people believe Abe is responsible for Japan’s fully cooperated with the U.S. policy of encircling China.

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It's not only China and Korea...

There are a minority in Japan who are shocked by the event but share the Chinese/Korean sentiment.... Obviously in Japanese culture they have to follow the official narrative..

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There is nothing more toxic and despicable than the Chinese netizens openly gloating online about Abe's unfortunate passing.

I have seen nothing but words of sorrow and condolences from most every major country, and from multiple politicians of all political parties in America.

Thankfully, majority of the people in the world have expressed their condolences.

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You think netizens are bad your clearly not reading the comments on twitter from what appears to be mostly leftist types. Their comments are pretty despicable.

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Utter lack of human decency. Even if you don't agree with his policies, celebrating his death is despicable.

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Chinese business flew banners advertising Abe assassination sales and eateries posted BOGO drink specials. Chinese state run media immediately posted warnings that the uprise in Japan could be turned on China. China and the majority of the People celebrated his death - and this, not condolences, is what was allowed to be seen without censorship. This is what they are taught. This is the view what their government teaches. They only retracted because the world go to see it. Absolutely repulsive.

Rest in peace Abe-san.

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The good thing is that much of the world has expressed condolences, which only further highlights the utter pettiness of so many Chinese netizens and citizens.

These ignorant nationalists thought they could brainwash the world and gain sympathy for their crass behavior by using the "imperial japanese atrocities against Chinese citizens" card.

On the heels of China's role in spreading Covid-19 throughout the world, not to mention their non-stop aggression against the free western world and their allies, it's not like many countries liked China in the first place.

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John, thankfully those are the fringe opinions.

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