Gov't not to appeal against damages awarded to leprosy patients' kin


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Hmm . . . there's an election coming up soon so I suppose this happy news is not remotely connected.

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The govt of no people...

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Some comments.

While the term "Leprosy" is still in wide use in the English language, recently it has become viewed by many as a discriminatory expression due to it's heavy baggage over centuries. Historically Lepers have been outcastes of societies so the term  Hansen Disease has been used in an effort to break such long term prejudice. The article should say "Hansen Disease, formerly known as Leprosy", not the other way round.

And this sad drawn out affair reflects poorly on a succession of governments who have tried in their earnest to avoid admitting fault and denied satisfactory compensation for the 1,000s who suffered first from the disease than decades of discrimination including the families. A cure was known 60 odd years ago, but that didn't stop govt (and society) for perpetuating the myth of death & danger for so long. Disgusting.

And Big Hearted Abe, stating we the govt will not pursue an appeal is pathetic. Instead of trying to make out he is doing this for the people (with an election in sight), he should be grovelling for forgiveness from the sufferers and their families for the lifetime of govt assisted horror that these people have had to endure.

Creeps - all of them.

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Doesn’t seem nearly enough reparations. What price can you put on that separation and barrier to livelihood? Is ¥10mm per year, per person even enough? I would be interested to hear how they calculated their figures.

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Hansen's Disease (Leprosy), Minamata disease, Itai-Itai, Yokkaichi Asthma, Niigata Minamata disease. All these issues comprised reluctance to admit the cause, appeals to avoid payment, delays in payment, and a general disregard for the suffering of people. As always; too little, too late.

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I for one would love to see the money be paid by taking a portion of each and every Diet member's salary, based upon their income, (Abe being first in line).

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