Indonesia tells Japan all import restrictions lifted at summit


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Joko widildo has invited putin and Zelenskyy to Japan's funeral for abe and and doesn't worry about contaminated food products from Fukushima ?

Holy makerel Joko is very optimistic or a insane ?

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With a population of over 300million

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It will be interesting to see if Singapore will actually take part in the military drill .

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Bugger wrong button... With a population over 300million and rapidly developing Indonesia cannot be taken for granted!

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The premier welcomed the lifting of import restrictions on food products from seven prefectures saying "it encourages people in the disaster-hit areas."

Widodo..... .....said he asked Japan to ease or abolish tariffs it imposes on Indonesian tuna, pineapples and bananas.

tit for tat..... sounds reasonable...... to me anyway. interesting to see: a) what response from Japan, if any, and b) if the situation changes when Japan starts dumping the contents of all those storage tanks into the ocean......

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Radioactive contamination doesn’t disappear after 11 years!

Surely, Indonesia’s scientists advising the Indonesian government have explained that?

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Indonesia certainly shouldn’t be taken for granted. Indonesia and the Philippines are the only true democratic nations in SE Asia, despite widespread corruption. Indonesia has the largest clout. I love Indonesia. Indonesia is the only Muslim country where you can see single women at a bar wearing a hijab and drinking a beer at the same time. Indonesia is also the only majority Muslim country where the supermarkets have a giant pork section, alongside the alcohol aisle. And most of their produce is imported from the US anyway. So makes sense to lift the Japan restrictions.

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No mask Kishida again!

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Indonesia could be an amazing nation if it could 'rationally' deal with 'very' pro Beijing ethnic Chinese diaspora, where the same issue exist in Malaysia.

I don't profess to know why, but having worked on projects there and Malaysia and noticed how ethnic Chinese are always sabotaging our efforts in favour of Chinese state controlled companies, I am left with distrust and curiosity as to how much the ethnic Chinese has infiltrated politics there and Malaysia.


Indonesia has massive resources, and potential, but almost always resources are exploited for value adding elsewhere, mostly China and Indonesians are often leftout out of the value chain as well. But as soon as any other nation try to correct the situation for win win with Indonesia, things go awry really quickly, such as the HSR project where Japan spent a lot of time and money pricing the project only for China to swoop in and win the deal. Read Huawei spying .....


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Excellent news, good on Indonesia for making this decision. Indonesian people certainly look up to Japan, their culture and development.

Japan should gift Indonesia some ex-naval patrol boats, as well as surplus helicopters and other military equipment in assisting enforcing freedom of the seas in the region.

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Blah blah blah Covid domestically is more important

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And how many Indonesians are willing to pay 3-400 yen for one Fukushima peach? Firstly, I wouldn't spend that much on one peach myself. Secondly, you couldn't even pay me to eat Fukushima products.

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@Ashley shiba

It is a Muslim country

Indonesia isn't totally a Muslim country 85% only

Not 100% Muslim

And yes you can buy pork, bacon , sausages and alcohol there in Indonesia.

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I have a house in Bali and the locals charge 2 times the price of anything from Japan. Then they pay their staff 1,000 yen a day to work and the rent is 1/20th that of Japan. Its all corruption. And try to buy anything other than food and Indonesia charges 35% tax on it. Anything from outside Indonesia gets this import tax. They are even taxing telephones that tourist come to Indonesia for holiday. Full tax to be able to use a tourist sim card. So this news really isn't helpful at all. Indonesia is still Indonesia.

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You gotta pay attention to the pictures more…

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The ocean currents probably travel in a different direction so… yeah

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Indonesia is great, unless you are in the minority who's families were mass murdered because they were thought to be communists. A very good Indonesian friend of mine is in a minority ethnic group and had 90% of his family killed. He and his parents survived. His parents were able to send him to a University in the US and he was able to get a green card and married a woman from his home village who had converted to Catholicism with her parent's approval to get a free education. The marriage was arranged and my friend had to break up with his current GF to meet and finally marry. The family business merger required the marriage. They've had a few kids in the US now - who are citizens. They are very happy together and she is a wonderful, beautiful, woman. His prior GF was too, just without the family business connection. I was a bit shocked to learn that people outside India still did arranged marriages.

There is a long movie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Act_of_Killing about life in Indonesia related to the mass killings of ethnic Chinese people in the anti-communist purge of 1965. Not the proudest time for Indonesia or America (I think the CIA pushed for the anti-communism, but didn't expect 500K-1.2M to be slaughtered). https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/10/the-indonesia-documents-and-the-us-agenda/543534/ The people who were the most ruthless are still in power and the people who's families were murdered still live and see each from time to time. They aren't friends, but they have to get along, each knowing what the others did.

While Japanese foods are probably safe at this point, continued testing will be needed to determine the edge of the radiation spread in the ground and in any underground streams that may be used for hydration.

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In exchange, all import restrictions against Indonesian goods must be lifted on Japan's side as well.

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Indonesia and the Philippines are the only true democratic nations in S.E. Asia

You are obviously not aware of the fact that not all Democracies are the same or operate the same way .

I suggest you either research democracy better or attempt to describe exactly which type of democracy your assuming they a trying to portray as true.

The Philippines are grossly corrupt so no !

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Radiation in Japanese food, nuclear waste in the ocean and the maskless PM, life's good.

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