Japan, ASEAN agree on importance of free navigation in South China Sea


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The entire world already agrees on this. The issue is getting China to put aside it's goals of territorial expansion and agree with everyone else.

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Live and let live.

China should respect its neighbors by stopping the Chinese military development of the South China Sea.

China's neighbors want peace, not war.

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This is China vs US fight.

Let them fight each other, no need for others to concern.

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@Iron Lad

In other words, war, not peace, is the answer.

Well, if peace spills over on to other countries, that's a good thing. However, if war spills over on to other countries, then that's could be really bad.

Wars are often not neatly contained affairs between two combatants.

What's wrong with the way the South China Sea has been in the recent past? Which is free, open and navigable for every country to use.

China, on the other hand, is very selfish expecting to be given control without a challenge and allowed to declare the entire South China Sea as its own territory. This is extremely unfair to everybody.

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If war, let it between the USA and China.

Don't be foolish cannon fodders for either sides.

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This is NOT a China versus US issue. This is a China versus all maritime nations that use the South China sea for passage of trade and military ships.

The US will not stand alone.

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Expect histrionics from you know who soon.

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What has the South China Sea got to do with Japan?

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If the South China Sea or Taiwan straight is blocked for Japan, then it will be game over for the island nation economically.

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What has the South China Sea got to do with Japan?

Japan is an Island nation that survives on maritime (via water) trade routes including the South China sea.

It is a water highway and China's claim is like an attempt of someone to take ownership and control by force of one of Japans main public highway systems.

Japan and other maritime trading nations need freedom of access to use all of the South China seas that is globally acknowledged as International waters (for everyone's use).

China needs to correct it's wrong actions and leave the South China sea's as they have been for millennia. Open to everyone and not covered in man made islands bristling with weapons systems.

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China always tells Japan to learn from it's mistakes and from history.

What about you? ?

Did you learn anything from history? ?

Your repeating the mistakes of the past and following in Japan's footsteps of WW2.

-Trying to fight everyone.


-Multiple fronts, Multiple counties.

With limited resources and limited Allies, limited technology and options. We where more united too as a country and people. You don't even have that going for you. Don't try. You don't stand a chance.

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You got to get China onboard! because they disagree, which spells trouble.

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The sooner that this insignificant collection of tiny countries concede sovereignty to China, the sooner we will have world peace. By rights, all Asia should be one country and speak one language.

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For a start we should change the name of it to something without the word China in it.

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"By rights, all Asia should be one country and speak one language."

All right then. Let's speak English (you and I already do) and go back to being under the British crown. (My country once was, not sure how all the rest of Asia would like to relive those old days of the empire).

That would be far more preferable to what you are suggesting, because though many of the folks in my country didn't particularly like the British rule, they absolutely hate the Chinese and whatever China stands for. So you can be sure that a 'hypothetical' Chinese empire in Asia will not end well for the Chinese and it will not end well for the rest of the Asians.

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At least, they agreed.

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@Danielsan The sooner that this insignificant collection of tiny countries concede sovereignty to China, the sooner we will have world peace. By rights, all Asia should be one country and speak one language. I am laughing so hard at your post! Your logic is so warped you want all the countries to concede and speak the same language WTF. With that said your logic expect everyone to agree with your post!

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This is China vs US fight.

Let them fight each other, no need for others to concern.

It affects all of the nations bordering the SCS. China has told an Indian Navy ship only 60 km outside Cam Ranh Bay it was in Chinese territorial waters and tried to force the ship to leave. The Indians ignored them as they should. Look at a map and see how ridiculous the Chinese claim was. China has anchored over 200 "fishing vessels" at a Philippine island for well over a month claiming they were sheltering from bad weather. It was sunny and calm. They have taken over other small Philippine islands in similar fashion including Fiery Reef. They have disputes with Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia over various islands. The Chinese harassed an Indian company exploring for oil in Vietnam's EEZ, then sent their own oil exploration ship into Vietnamese waters escorted by Chinese Coast Guard in violation of international law. So no, the problem is not confined to the US but only the US and maybe Japan has sufficient naval might in the region to deter the Chinese. The Philippines are like a bug being squashed by an elephant. Chinese "fishermen" also regularly assault the crews of South Korean fishing boats operating inside South Korea's EEZ or in international waters in the Yellow Sea.

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What has the South China Sea got to do with Japan?

It is a maritime highway. Look at a map. The fastest way from Asia to Europe is through the South China Sea, Straits of Malacca, across the Indian Ocean and Red Sea to the Suez Canal. Sail through the Straits of Malacca sometime. It is crowded like an urban expressway with big merchant ships running nose to tail in both directions. The SCS is crowded with merchant ships and thousands upon thousands of fishing vessels from a dozen different nations. China wants to own the resources in the SCS, both mineral and animal, and control who passes through. It is not their territorial waters and they have no jurisdiction over it, but few surrounding nations have the means to challenge China directly.

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China was going with its own rule and law which against International rule and law.

Most of ASEAN countries were falling in to Communist China's honey trap loan scam.

Xi Jinping thinks the ASEAN countries can not against his Government demand.

The Communist Chinese Government said no outside should involve in sorting of Burma domestic problem but its Foreign Minister Wang Yi was given pressure on ASEAN countries to stay under Communist Chinese Government policy.

Communist Chinese Government was sitting on the wall and waiting for the jumping to one side that won the war. Actually, Communist Chinese Government want to see the Military rules the country because they can get at discount price on natural resources including rare earth materials,teak and Jade. Xi Jinping is dangerous to democracy in Asia and Africa and the world. He has no principle. He obey no rule and no law. His rule and law are coming out of his mouth. He was a dictator.

Burma needs help and need to save from evil Communist Chinese Government.

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