Japan, China agree to hold talks 'at all levels' to improve ties


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Great. Building diplomatic relations is much more important than starting an arms race.

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We need to build an economic block. Japan, China and SK.

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Watch USA throw a wrench or spanner into the works.

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I trust the Chinese government as far as I can spit. The CCP engages in lots of "doublespeak."

Large Chinese reconnaissance balloon spotted over the US, officials say


I believe the CCP said the same thing to the US a while back!

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RodneyToday  09:57 am JST

We need to build an economic block. Japan, China and SK.


Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

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Qin demanded

Talking down to Japan gets China nowhere.

stop provocations by right-wing forces on the issue of Diaoyu, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

No matter how it twists the matter, Senkaku's are Japanese, and it is Chinese right wing forces that provoke the situation by sending warships into Japanese waters.

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adding that Japanese public opinion on Beijing is "extremely severe," according to the Foreign Ministry.

Oh blah blah...honestly let's not even attempt to entertain the idea that the Japanese LDP government really gives a rats behind of what the Japanese public opinion is !

Preparing to go to war over Taiwan isn't what the Japanese public approved.

The defense of Japan yes.

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We need to build an economic block. Japan, China and SK.


Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

Taiwan was annexed by China but then ceded to Japan.

The US military had an outpost on senkaku during the occupation.

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We've got to move on from bickering with each other and collanorate on how to tackle dwindling resources, pollution, climate change, etc.

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No matter how many of these "talks" you have with china, don't EVER trust them.

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Excellent, Japan and China have to improve their relations and one day be allies, without the interventionist poison of the US

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Off to a good start. As I've been posting on various occasions in the past, the Senkaku (Diaoyu) issue should be discussed on civilian levels to further mutual understanding of it.

In the Senkaku (Diaoyu) waters, both Chinese and Japanese coast guard ships exchange barbs like: "This has been our territory historically and under international law, and so evacuate the area immediately."  

What does such bickering solve at all?

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Talk by all means, but always remember that the Chinese communists and their supporters are rogues. All civilized countries should eventually decouple from the rogue Chinese communist state economically and socially.

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