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Japan, China spar over import ban after Fukushima water release


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Tokyo will continue to demand Beijing take "action based on scientific grounds," while it will keep providing appropriate information on the discharge that began on Aug. 24,

Scientific? If that crippled power plant being done scientifically, that accident won't be happen.

Don't blame tsunami and earth quake, it caused by people.


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It's all political fun and games really

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Spar? Sure. The simple fact is Japan needs China far more than China needs Japan.

It’s the logical outcome of such a highly populated, massive country modernizing. Japan is tiny and her people too afraid to go out and influence the world.

You can argue with me all you want, but you’ll silly be displaying your ignorance in a public forum.

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You cannot force your fish down their throats if they don’t want to eat it.

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Japanese water and nuclear power is safe. Chinese agriculture, poultry and meat products are safe. Yet, somehow, these neighbors are always bickering and quarreling. Japan jumped thru many a hula hoop to ensure the Fukushima water release would be safe. Yoon ate seafood to prove the safety. But, this is only news because a few fishing industry corporations, not individual fishermen, are suffering. Follow the money trail and you'll see there is a relationship with politicians.

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Kishida said during their talks that Japan has secured the global community's understanding regarding the safety of the water release and vowed to continue his country's explanation "with high transparency," according to the Japanese government.

The water discharge has been accepted by nations such as the United States and Australia, as well as the European Union.

So the global community means US, Australia and 27 EU Countries. Globally we have 195 countries. No wonder why China is saying stop goofing around Japan. You also get to know how much Japanese business community heavily depends on China than the US, AUS or EU countries which his Excellency MR PM K proudly holds in high esteem.

Tom & Jerry

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Chinese Premier Li Qiang called on Japan to handle the matter responsibly

Unfortunately mate to call on one side to act responsibly you actually have to be doing the same yourself. How can this simple fact of life, that even a child can understand, completely missed? Oh yeah, communism…Where people are forced to live a lie. Really feel for ya Mr Li.

as for trying to avoid a new Cold War, we are smack bang right in the middle of one. Did you miss that as well?

You can see how hard it would be to be a diplomat and try and talk to these jokers. It’d be near impossible. The fact that none of the other ASEAN nations has jumped on board is both telling and encouraging. The CCP will have to grow up one day, or they will be their own demise. Learn the middle ground Middle Kingdom, for everyone’s sake.

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Kishida’s retort is one I must remember


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Each country is a sovereign entity and they can under the guise of "protecting their people," use any policy to justify their cause. Look at what Japan did to U.S. beef during the BCE period, even after USDA declared that US beef was no longer a threat. Instead of globe trotting before all this, Kishida should have been meeting with Xi to come to an amicable agreement. Now he thinks that ASEAN nations are going to go against China? How naive and ignorant can he get? Philippines and Vietnam can now fill the vacuum by exporting their seafood to China.

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Lounging at the beach in a Thai resort, I was intrigued by groups of people traipsing to and from speedboats.

I moved closer and inconspicuously watched and listened in.

The tourists were all Chinese and hundreds per hour were being ferried to and back from an offshore island.Upon their return, were being offered a snapshot of their 2 hour visit on a commemorative plate.

Of course, there wasn’t a Japanese in sight.

ASEAN countries know full well where to look for the ascending star and that is the most populous country in Asia.

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Gold Member @ 7.42am

When did that happen?

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Don't understand why Kishida is pushing so hard on the issue as there are legitimate concerns over the long term safety/ effects. Let market dynamics play out plus more affordable seafood for the Japanese public if indeed that it is completely safe.

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China, arrogant & aggressive. They’re enjoying themselves.

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China does not want your fish Japan. So sit down, shut up and eat your own damn fish.

Never seen a salesperson this aggressive. Geesh.

The water discharge has been accepted by nations such as the United States and Australia, as well as the European Union.

NO! Its been accepted by their governements. I doubt you find much support from the nations, which are the common people and not the governments that only represent the rich.

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Why are people so suspicious of tepco and the govt?

They have been forthcoming and transparent about the Fukushima nuke disaster from the very beginning.

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Anyway, good that China is doing this, this will encourage Japan to be in its best behavior regarding the release of the wastewater

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Been said that the radiation level for the wastewater is below internationally accepted safety standards for drinking water , why didn't kishida just drink the water instead of eating fish?

That fish stunt just reinforced the notion that Japan is being very deceitful about the safety of the water. (Because it is deceitful)

Somebody here suggested use the water instead for farming, indeed why not?

Water is safe so there should be no opposition to that from the public.

Also to ensure tepco adhere to strict wastewater cleaning processes maybe drinking should actually be done, some of the wastewater due for release should be set aside for company food and drink consumption, just a little for demonstration and sign of good faith.

Very unusual to be sure but I think it's reasonable measure to try to reverse the food import bans soonest .

After all the water is safe.

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Japan can sells her seafood to India or Australia, no need to rely on Chinese customers. You know they have been seeking for revenge very long time !

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Japan has been seeking "De-Coupling" from China, right?

Now China is De-Coupling with your fishery products. You are happy now?

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I checked the scientific ground. The one use by TEPCO are half Century late of science evolution. The explanation I got in France show they have manipulate AIEA (atomic international agreement) to have the right to release water in the ocean using the french polluted water center as an example, but taking out of it the real science saying « no » to fukushima water release.


30 kg on 30 years, or 30 kg in one year, this is 30 kg in nature. With the ocean tied, the leasing water being not enough far from the cost, it will probably go set in Hokkaido shore, or more north who will probably help terrorist to attack the reserve in fukushima quite fast.


It is clear fukushima leaking water have obtain manipulate agreement on more than what I just explained. So what more Japan is lying about using outdate data science to sell product ? They want to sell food they don’t eat in public. You realise the science to sell this food was build for Ukraine to sell food for animals and africans. Not human considered as « human ». We have recently uncover a corruption problem in atomic organisations to disminish France power over nuclear electric power point. TEPCO was obviously part of this movement started to push atomic power plant activity longer than prepared at the people risk around them.

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Chinese Premier Li Qiang called on Japan to handle the matter responsibly and fully consult with its neighbors and related stakeholders

Japan is "handling the matter responsibly," through ongoing, independent monitoring by the IAEA. It is also "fully consulting" with its neighbors, but China shuns this:


China isn't interested in the truth or public safety: it just wants political leverage over Japan. As I and many others have said many times, the ban is purely political.

kurisupisuToday 09:33 am JST

ASEAN countries know full well where to look for the ascending star and that is the most populous country in Asia.

The most populous country in Asia is India, and it is ascending. If you were talking about China, it is the second-most populous country in Asia, and rapidly descending, thanks to Xi.

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Does China not need Japan?

You have quite a sense of humor.

In recent years, Japan has continued to have a surplus in trade between China and Japan.

And it seems like people here don't even bother to look into what China is importing from Japan.

China imports machinery, electrical equipment, and precision equipment from Japan, uses them to make industrial products, and exports them mainly to the United States and other countries.

What would happen if they could not be imported from Japan? Even elementary school students can understand, right?

Looking for alternatives from other countries? It's not impossible, but it just makes China's exports less competitive than Japan's.

If China says it doesn't need imports from Japan, it should definitely take action. Rich Chinese people are well aware that their own products are dangerous and that Japanese products and agricultural products are safe and reliable. Even communists would understand that. The impact on Japan's GDP is approximately 3-4%. Please do your best.

There will come a time when we too will have to move away from Chinese products.

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