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Japan considering ¥100 bil investment in large firms hit by virus impact


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I don't know what this means if it is not money for cronies. If any type of business needs this investment, it is small and medium size companies which may be forced to lay off workers not big companies The money can be given out as interest free loans not the government directly buying stocks if these companies.

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Large firms were recording record profits a few months back. I'd hope these companies were holding onto some financial reserves, and are able to deal with this. It's smaller companies, often running month to month, or with no more than a month or two's extra money lying around, that are facing the crunch. The government should be investing in these as well.

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How about all corporate executives and upper level politicians not receive a salary for the next 3 months. They can afford to do so. I doubt any of them are living paycheck to paycheck.

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They shouldn't be bailing out large businesses. If a large company can't handle 2 months of revenue losses, it means they are incompetent and should be allowed to fail so they can have a new more competent management. Only small businesses should be helped, and the best way to do that is by cutting down all taxes and extending credit loan payments. Also cutting taxes for all people too. In times of crisis, people don't shop or use public services, they save their money, the govt. should do the same.

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YES Print the money! the circus continue. why people have to work?? and pay tax???

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Here we go again: take it from the "poor" and give it to the RICH!

When are you (Abe and alike) finally getting your act straight??

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Think the headline should be the "government is going to give taxpayers money to their friends" who pay little tax. Meanwhile I'm checking my mail box for 2 masks. Bank will not accept my fish coupon, that's not fair.

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Premium Friday. Enjoy the social distancing.

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Take care of your own a forget the little guy but send the 2 reusable masks! Business as usual at Jinc. Abenomask first arrow!

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How about all corporate executives and upper level politicians not receive a salary for the next 3 months.

Agree. But given what we've read about Ghosn etal and the grabbing and skimming that's been done by execs for who knows how long I'd extend that to at least a year. Japan's extreme top down system is on even fuller display now. When I came here during the bubble years I heard - with no evidence - Japanese execs were making no more than 10 times what their companies' lowest paid employees made. Now in the US it's over 10,000 times. Crust of bread and such, two paper masks and who knows what else trickled down on the general population. Nations get the governments they want.

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Why are BIG businesses being helped?

Because they are connected to the LDP?

Why aren't small and medium sized businesses being supported?

Coz Abe doesn't care!

Why won't Abe lockdown cities?

Because he doesn't want to pay peoples ( ippan jin) salaries when they stay home..

All I wanna say is that they don't give a monkeys about us..

2 masks is all we get..

Toyota and big businesses get bailed out with OUR tax though.

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Well, you can’t shut down the entire business sector that would be catastrophic, they do need help, however, the country really botched this so badly that if a wave comes and that is what seems to be happening, they need to create a better strategy....if they even have one and use a lot of financial assistance that need to be adequately distribute to the various medical and health sectors that will need them as well as trained professionals (and I don’t think they have enough) and it’s going to be a lot, be prepared because it doesn’t seem like they are.

Nations get the governments they want.

Now imagine if you live in a socialist country where leaders make even more money....

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Now imagine if you live in a socialist country where leaders make even more money....


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This is exactly how we end up with a moribund economy and zombie corporations while draining the life out of young and upcoming businesses that would build our future. If this happened 40 years ago, the companies being "saved" would be Zenith, General Electric, Kodak... and the smaller companies left to die would have been Apple, Microsoft, etc. This corporate socialism kills an economy. Actually, it's not even socialism, since they don't share their profits with the taxpayer - just their losses.

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As I've mentioned before:

Ultimatelty, higher taxpayers debt going into the pockets of those who choose to and can afford to buy stocks. 

As always the gov't is going all out to protect the fake free market economy at the expense of all else ... including rational thought.

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Sure, give as much public money as possible to the major corporations...much of it will just flow into LDP coffers later, as "donations" - a perfect scam.

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What??? Big businesses helped again!!! Because till now the first 2 Abe's arrows were only meant for them with the corporate tax reduction, etc. And we were told the usual lies that helping the big corporations will help the workers in long term. Now is the time to show it!

Those corporations never passed the benefits to the lower levels and now getting help again! I'm furious!

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The govt should give the 300,000cash payments to each big corporation and share the ¥100 bil amongst the house holders, seems the morons at the finance ministry mixed the god damn paperwork up again.

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Bjorn ! well said mate!!! spot on!

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Meanwhile, they'll be spending ¥60 billion on the public... by giving two masks to each household. Talk about priorities.

And this is NOT good... it only means that they will have further vested interests, which means future political decisions will be made based on how the government could profit monetarily from it. If you thought that was bad already, it'll be ten times worse.

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Corporate profits and companies' retained earnings have been hitting record highs recently. They don't need this money. Give it to their employees earning 900 yen an hour instead. They would spend it, helping the economy, whereas the corporates would continue to hoard it, hurting us all.

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Corporate profits and companies' retained earnings have been hitting record highs recently

Tellingly, in almost any Japanese corporate website, the section on shareholder returns seems to be more about justifying the internal reserves.

To give some examples...

T&D Holdings

Shareholder Return Policy

T&D Holdings, Inc. sets its basic policy of first taking into consideration maintaining sufficient internal reserves to ensure the soundness of the group companies’ management, and then works to increase shareholder value and conducts stable profit distribution.


Shareholder Return Policy

The Company’s policy on profit sharing for shareholders is to maximize it, while at the same time taking into account adequate levels of “realizing appropriate periodic profit returns to shareholders” and “maintenance of appropriate internal reserves that will enable flexible business operations.”


Basic Policy on Return to Shareholders

The Company's basic policy is to maintain internal reserves at a sufficient level to ensure business growth from a medium- to long-term management perspective, while continually paying a stable dividend in consideration of consolidated financial results.

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Japan considering ¥100 bil investment in large firms hit by virus impact

Is anybody explaining to "Japan" that if there is no economy, there is no money to "invest"??

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Without consumers buying then propping up company shares becomes an exercise in futility...

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Sometimes, I think rich people do not understand normal people.

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