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Japan considers postponing emperor's state visit to Britain


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If they are postponing this? What's next? Some event in Tokyo perhaps?

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‘Considers’ - come on! Just postpone it for goodness sake. It’s not at all essential or necessary.

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Of course it should be postponed. How do they expect the 94 year old Queen to be around hoards of people when over 70s in the UK have been asked to self isolate.

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Common sense should prevail, A gathering of oldies is not what the doctor ordered

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And why is this even news? We have important things to think about now.

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And why is this even news? We have important things to think about now.

I agree, and so do most other Japanese-language publications.

But obviously the editor of Japan Today believes otherwise.


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Who really cares when people are not able to pay their way this month!

There isn’t even grass to eat in Japan....

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In Japan, expectations are high for new imperial diplomacy as Emperor Naruhito is the first Japanese emperor to have studied abroad, at Britain's University of Oxford. His wife, Empress Masako, is a Harvard- and Oxford-educated former Japanese diplomat.

What the hell is "new imperial diplomacy" in 2020?

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