Abe arrives in Philippines for talks with ASEAN leaders


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Abe: How much money do you want? Don't worry, I'm not paying, the Japanese taxpayers will do that for me!

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The Philippines is already the home of the Asian Development Bank, supported primarily by Japanese money, ruled over by a Japanese president, and run along the lines of an old-fashioned Japanese company. Plenty of money available there for projects in the Philippines.

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Two right smiles, one left.

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Don't know how any woman could put up with Duterte.

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Philippine is growing country but what Abe wants is Philippine send more workers to Japan.

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Matt - maybe because you are not a woman.

A number of Filipino women of my acquaintance think he is doing a good job and see him in a very positive light.

More surprising is that he has a "partner" in a strongly Catholic country like the Philippines.

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Abe is a Trump follower and always going to spend more and more Japan's money, even an ice cream from our taxes. Very unfair his good face "here and there". With no faith and nothing to care.

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Abe is not too good money spender. He could stay free in Japan's p.m. official mansion but he lives with his mother and wife in his mother's three story mansion. He doesn't steal taxpayer's money. Unlike other countries, Japan fed hamburgers three times a day to Trump. He sure does not waste taxpayers' money. @Alexander,,,

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Another Abe's habit. Oversea trip, he get allowance from his wife and not taxpayers' money. That is why gov't don't complain his frequent trips. Beside that, his trips produce various benefit to Japan.

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Abe: Where's Mr. Trump? I thought he was gonna be here?! Anyway, Duterte, here's a bunch of money and military ships -- we're about to pay the US for new ones. Can you help isolate China? But don't tell Xi, please.

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