Suga hopes to visit U.S. in February for talks with Biden


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hmmmm...wouldn't be safer to invite Biden to Japan, somewhere warm, like Okinawa....covid n all

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Suga hasn't been invited.

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Stay home!

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Just shut up and sit tight, you've got more things to do at home. Ever hear of video conferencing?

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Suga hopes to visit Biden. He better hope that he is still PM in February.

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I hope to travel oversees next year too.

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"I hope I can visit before the end of February," Suga said

How about you get some vaccines in first?

Or at least open up the Japan postal routes to the USA, so we can at least ship some things to the states?

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With Biden? Lol... That's not gonna happen... I bet 1 mio yen...

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I suppose Suga has to follow protocol and suck up to Biden, pretty much like any other leader.

Still. Perhaps might be an idea to concentrate on getting the vaccines rolled out here, first and maybe that election.

Sure Suga, you can go visit Biden in February, but he won't be President of the US.

That's true. Suga won't be President of the US.

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