Ruling bloc draws up tax reform plan to promote investment


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Can't wait to see how complicated this will be. No doubt after filling out multiple forms paying an equal amount of the investment in fees you'll end up owing the government. That's how it will work no doubt, then the government will complain that no one is investing.

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The reform package also includes steps to allow selling of duty-free products such as cosmetics and watches via vending machines.

What kind of an idiotic bureacrat came up with this gem?

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These tax “schemes” are too complicated, applies to a very small number of people, and usually taken advantage of.

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single parents who have never been married and with an annual income below 5 million yen will also be given special tax deductions.

That sounds like it has good intent, but one hopes that it is simple for the single parents to be applicable for that, because I doubt they can afford to spend much time on tax paperwork.

These tax “schemes” are too complicated, applies to a very small number of people, and usually taken advantage of.

Most people can take advantage of schemes like iDeCo and NISA, but there certainly is a problem of their being too complicated, as you do need to devote either time or money to inform yourself about how to benefit.

In general, I'd much prefer a dead simple tax system with lower tax rates, for that reason. The complicated parts of the overall system (or which taxation is just one component) should focus on ensuring the needy are provided for adequately. That can't be done through the taxation system, so a simpler, efficient taxation component of the system would be ideal.

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This ruling bloc with 5G technologies will go further, instead of some politicians who don't know the difference of ET and IT, still in id.IoT.ic mind they think to know well tech tik tok.

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So nothing for ordinary folks then... Why doesn't the government trust the little people with money?

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