Ruling party factions to allow free vote in leadership election


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Well, it's normal a free vote where LDP party preserved all this time that unfair tradition of all faction members voting only for themselves.

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Same old LDP geriatric will be voted in.

A person with not even enough decency and common sense to even do a paper round competently.


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Well it is a so called democracy implemented by the USA in japan so its a real sheet show of clowning around at being a democracy election.

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The Kishida faction will be the only group to mandate that its 46 members vote for a particular candidate, the group's head.

Its a secret vote, so what gives Kishida the right to tell anyone else who to vote for? How will this "mandate" be enforced? Pathetic that he feels he needs to do this.

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Noda can't win,but she's playing her role of a clockblocker to siphon votes away from Kono. Must've been put up to it by the former Dear Leader.

Fully agreed....they dont want Kono to get outright majority in the first vote since if it goes to the 2nd round shadow faction bosses despite their denial will push to get Kishida get over the line. They dont want Kono - too independent minded for them.

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