Japan, U.S., S Korea to exert greater pressure on N Korea


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Could Kenji be just a wee bit more enthusiastic about the whole thing?

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His facial expression says "Aww, it's worthless guys, can't help you there".

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The guy in the middle feels like sliced cheese in a sandwich.

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Yun is just doing the normal diplomat pose - just smile and pretend you're doing something useful. Both Kanasugi and Kim are probably thinking this is all BS and that everybody knows it. But Kim is better (slightly) at hiding it.

Honestly, what more can the US, Japan, and South Korea do to put pressure on North Korea? If the Chinese don't do it, then nothing will change. And I doubt the Chinese will. North Korea is a useful tool for China, and is even more with nuclear weapons.

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We already know they cannot exert pressure on N Korea.

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This is one of the worst approaches that could be taken towards North Korea. Does it need to end? Of course, but this road is going to end in disaster for no good reason.

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@ListenTheTruth - I am curious about your post (and I am not being argumentative)...What other option do you think should be used? Sanctions have never worked (the poor and malnourished take the brunt when sanctions are imposed). Obviously a pre-emptive strike is not a desired option.

My opinion is that the U.S., South Korea, and Japan should do everything possible to bring China to the table. If it is necessary to tie this to trade (if the 3 countries and and are willing to do this) then that option should be explored. If China's trade with all 3 nations (U.S., South Korea, and Japan) was deemed to be at risk perhaps China would do more to deal with North Korea.

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@TE: The gradual collapse of the USSR due to excessive debt and outside information in the late 1980s should serve as a lesson. Trade (Many NKs trade along the Chinese border) and information from The Outside, again, via interaction with China. In other words: Wait. Be patient. Plus, lots and lots of THADD, combined with the immediate and total sanction in the global economy of any Chinese company that deals with NK. Money, or sudden loss of access to it, will get people talking. Always better to jaw-jaw than war-war. If this goes hot, it’ll be an appalling disaster.

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Plus, of course continue with the Cyber War that has been in play for at least the second term of Obama’s Administration.

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@Listen - Thanks for the reply.

In conjunction with getting China to the table somehow I agree with your ideas as well. An information war (getting information into North Koreans) could be very effective. Also deployment of THADD in Japan and Korea (in spite of China's bitching) could work to.

I agree as well war is the last resort.

However, (always a however I guess) I think there needs to be a realistic timeline (can only be patient for so long). I think Kim is much more dangerous and unpredictable than the U.S.S.R. was.

From what I have heard information is already seeping into North Korea and it is nearly impossible to stop it

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