Japan, U.S., S Korea to hold foreign ministerial talks on Friday


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Sit them down, and work this out! No one benefits from having this go on as it is going now!

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Another waste of time. Both SK and JPN's positions are emanating from well above both Kono and Kang.

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Tomorrow will be the turning point of the Japanese history. It's a kind of the dependent day.

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I made a big mistake! It will be an "independent" day.

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A waste of time.

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What a waste of of time. No chance of success . Pompeo will at least see the stupidity and stubborn nature of SK leaders, and report them to Trump.

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I knew USA would interfere so that SK can continue demanding apology and money on Japan.

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I would be surprised if Japan does not carry out its plan.

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They look as comefortable and friendly as most of my married neighbors look.

so I'm guessing no chance of a monicommon of friendlyness.

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Talk is inevitable, as simple as that.

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@ksteer: my figures show the Japanese economy worth about $5 trillion and SK at about $1.6 trillion, so that is 3x as large; also Japanese government debt is about $11 trillion and SK much more responsibly is at $600 billion. Even more interestingly, both countries spend about the same on defense. I think SK punches way above its weight and Japan as an indebted, aging country would be darn lucky if SK even considered a trade and customs union with Japan.

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Tokyo's planned removal of South Korea from the so-called white list follows its tightening of export controls in early July on some South Korea-bound materials used in making chips and displays.

The chinese are like is that it? You wanna trade with us???

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