Kishida, Macron agree on need for powerful sanctions on Russia


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They agree do they?

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Innocent people are dying. Stop talking about it and do it. The stronger the sanctions, the shorter the time they will be required.

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Kishida the less than savvy diplomat making hollow claims about the status quo and the ongoing situation in the Ukraine.

References to territorial integrity ignore the responsibility of the USA and its factotum NATO in creating the current malaise and complete lack of diplomacy in staving off a preventable crisis.

The USA is a primary actor involved in the Ukraine thru the policies of Clinton, Bush, Obama and Biden that interfered in the internal politics of the Ukraine. The shenanigans of Hunter Biden are an indicator, but more so the machinations of Victoria Nuland and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, alongside various NGOs, a primary entity being led by former secretary of state Albright. All being supposed geopolitical strategy and realpolitik designed to contain Russia and prevent further alliance and trade with the EU. It has to do with spheres of influence and the waning dominance of the American Empire. Instead of collective cooperation and diplomacy, US foreign policy is based upon exclusion, to prevent the growth of Russia as an economic power wedded to Europe, which is seen as an impingement on US power.

The further intent is to encircle Russia with established military posts and bases. Containment. Similar to Obama's Asian Pivot, a policy followed by the current US administration.

Dragging in China, as if the Russian response to US foreign policy purposefully intended to encroach on the Russian sphere of influence by establishing an armed presence on Russia's border, is less than logical and indeed a fallacy. It is neither similar or complimentary. Taiwan is not the Ukraine.

As for SWIFT it is a communication system located in Belgium and not a banking tool transferring funds. The effect will be to strengthen China as a financial power, as Russia further allies with China in order to end-run SWIFT. It will enhance the prominence of China as it allows an alternative measure for Russia to conduct business.

What is certain. Banking and financial entities in the West will profit off the war in the Ukraine.

The slaughter of innocents will be ignored. One of the primary actors in the Ukraine is Madeline Albright of the Albright Stonebridge Group, Albright famously remarked on the deaths of 500,000 children in the Iraq War, as worth it. That sentiment applies to the Ukraine on the part of Putin, Biden and hose allied and responsible.  

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Apart from stating the obvious was there anything tangible as a result of Kishida Macron talk?

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Hot air. Nothing more.

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The west, primarily Europe, needs to stop buying Russian oil and gas to deprive Russia of those revenue streams. Their oil and gas industries then need to be cut off from SWIFT and the US Dollar trade. Do that and you bring Russia to its knees. The longer the west waits to do this the more Ukrainians will die and the greater the overall suffering.

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sanctions would not stop tanks, bullets, jet fighters and missiles. By the time that sanction kicks in, all of Ukraine is gone

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