Moon says North's Kim ready to engage in dialogue with Japan at appropriate time


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The United Northeast Asia is coming. Nations must work together, help each other, and support each other.

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I wonder how Shin-chan feels about his BFF Trump cozying up to Kim.

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Yeah, right...

Now please define "appropriate time".

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Moon is the master of sugar coating everything KIm says. He's always providing wonderful forward looking positive news. Then NK spits in everyone's face. I question the credibility of anyone who would willingly hug KIm Jong Un.

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Yeah, I really can't see 'lil Kim being serious about anything than feathering his own nest. Still, talking is better than fighting.

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"ready to engage in dialogue at appropriate time"... When Hell freezes over?

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Abe's first two terms were failure. The third term is his chance and if he wants to be remembered in history, then he has to pivot back to the Northeast Asia where Japan belongs. No one will beg Abe to talk. The opportunity is there, you take it or you lose it. Japan has two fundamental problems: resources and markets. Know yourself is the art of being success. Japan has to integrate herself into a big continent, and that was the reason why Japan invaded China 100 years ago. Now, the world has changed, China is open to Japan, but is Japan approaching China ? If Japan is, then Koreas are the bridge that Japan can't bypass.

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Abe is believed to have stressed the importance of resolving the abduction issue and his view on bilateral relations in his message.

Abe is believed to? What does that mean?? Either he did or didn't. I'm banking on he didn't. He's reelected so my bet is you won't hear a peep about this issue from now on.

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He's reelected so my bet is you won't hear a peep about this issue from now on.

@ Aly...yep brother , until next year,s national election time rolls around of course...That will be the " appropriate time" for Shin chan to be seen talking about / arranging to meet with KJU to finally settle the abductee issue ( again) and to have abductee families rolled out in front of media during the pre- election publicity coverage once again. You can bank on it , like clockwork.

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is Japan approaching China ? If Japan is, then Koreas are the bridge that Japan can't bypass.

Sure it is. Japan has ships and airplanes, so who needs bridges? There are no plans to build a bridge from Japan to mainland Asia.

If you speaking of figurative bridges, NK is not one of those either. It is an isolated state, with little to offer except trouble. If there is an opportunity being lost, it is NK's opportunity. Most of the world needs nothing at all that NK can offer, but NK could gain much from the world. That's why they rattle on with their nuclear program. Their only leverage is threats.

That said, I have some sympathy for the Fat One. He inherited a throne that could only be maintained through fear, violence and oppression. If he gives it up, he will likely end up dead or in prison. That's why his brother very sensibly ran away, though even he didn't escape in the end.

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So young this stalin leader

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