Nearly 30% to vote for LDP in general election: poll


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And there you easily see the problem. If approximately 2/3 vote and of them 1/3 votes for the LDP, the result is about 50% of parliamentary seats, highly probable even more and the majority, but only support from less than half of that percentage, about 2/9 or let’s say around less than 25%. Something’s wrong here right from the start, isn’t it? But that’s of course not different to many other countries with similar systems for distribution of parliamentary seats.

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@Thomas Goodtime… Don’t question voters. If you believe in what you can change by your votes, go vote!

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The whole thing is rigged.

Seems so. No confidence value posted, no numbers on those who completed the survey, no statistician company listed. A survey with few people is not considered statisically valid. For them to release it quickly we can infer it wasn't many.

If you want a smaller margin of error, you must have a larger sample size given the same population. The higher the sampling confidence level you want to have, the larger your sample size will need to be.

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The LDP know how to redistribute wealth;into their pockets!

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36 percent preferred a candidate from the LDP-led coalition,

That will get them roughly two thirds of the seats.

The whole thing is rigged.

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Yuck. Who would vote for them.

Questionable people: both the party and the people voting.

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48.2 percent said they are not optimistic about his [Kishida's] economic policy

That could have been the title, if there was a free press

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Wow, I don't know why but this article wants me to vote for LDP.

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more propoganda telling people who to vote for

It's Kyodo. A news agency that was spun out of the old propaganda ministry. Along with Dentsu.

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more propoganda telling people who to vote for, not telling them about the election

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The only details given about this survey is that it was a "nationwide telephone survey." No information was offered over how many were surveyed, who was selected, and total numbers to go with the given percentages in the story. Always question any survey - especially with potential electorial impact - that won't provide important information over how it was conducted.

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