Trump eager to work with Suga to make ties stronger


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The headline says "eager", but the text says "willing" and "ready"

So which is it?

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Sure he is. As long as PM Suga agrees to increase the amount paid to the US for mutual protection by four or five-fold. Hopefully Trump will be gone soon, and we can have a return to sanity and ethical behavior.

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It is important to remember that Trump really likes parades, and that Trump is a better golfer than Obama.... much, much better. Armed with this important info,, he will do fine. Really great swing..... Obama could never hit like that......


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If Suga plays coy and his cards right, he'll never have to meet the blustering windbag in Washington. Suga's softly, softly approach will be better appreciated by Biden next year. "Joe and Yoshi" sounds a saner combo, the tranquilizer (and the lull before the storm) we all need after the four long years of Trump's MAGA mayhem.

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He knows we are weak and will bow down to the dojo master.

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So, can we expect more golf outings?

But I strongly assume Suga is not as good as Abe .... "playing" with balls.

On the other hand, maybe the two of them find something else in common.

And I always thought the Trump-Abe ties were so very strong.

What are Trump's plans to make them even stronger?

Words, words, words, and nothing but words.

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I hope Trump learns how to pronounce Suga's name properly. For the last four years, he has been calling Abe "Abi." You'd think someone in the State Department would have told him how to pronounce Abe's name.

He'll probably call Suga "Sugar."

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