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U.S., Japan, S Korea finance chiefs vow to work closely on forex


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Yen is going down because of horrid Japanese policy. Hope Yellen expressed that view…

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Yen is going down because of horrid Japanese policy. Hope Yellen expressed that view…

Not her business..

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By manipulating it?

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Not her business..

Well, exactly!

It’s Japan’s establishment that owns the problem. She can’t stop them from enacting horrid policies, and should not try to help with dealing with the consequences.

Nothing wrong with telling them that to their faces.

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Yen is going down because of horrid Japanese policy. Hope Yellen expressed that view…

Yen is not going down, it's USD up against every other currencies.

Eg THB...decade low.


Taiwan invasion looming, Russian invasion on going and marching westward..Africa trying desperately to extricate itself from France's colonial handcuffs, war in the middle east....investors flees to $USD safe haven....history repeating.

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Japan is the ‘junior partner’ in that triad. It’s been a globalized world for decades - be innovative, be proactive, be value-added, or continue to flounder. The Koreans can teach Japan a great deal.

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South Korea is the "junior partner" in that triad. Japan has never come near sovereign default as South Korea has in the 1990s. The Won is popular only among the crypto buffs. The JYen is the third most traded currency after the USD and EUR. The Won isn't even in the top 10 list. It's South Korea that approaches Japan for a currency swap, not the other way around. The geopolitical position of South Korea prevents it from exceeding Japan, except perhaps with girl K-pop groups.

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America should realize that there is no benefit to keeping South Korea in the blue team.

Even when South Korea defaulted, Japan spared no effort in providing cooperation between the government and the private sector. However, in South Korea, Japan is said to have triggered South Korea's default, and there is no one who knows that Japan came out to help South Korea.

There is nothing good about South Korea's economy in the future, including a decline in the semiconductor industry, a declining birthrate, an increase in foreign debt, an increase in household debt, and an increase in the poverty rate.

It is already impossible for the US and Japan to help the current Korean economy.

Prime Minister Kishida concluded a swap with South Korea, but South Korea's economy is not small enough to be helped by a swap.

I think we should stop doing unnecessary things.

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US economy will be tamed ,in America,either you spend money, because you want too or have too,money in the US is highly regulated in the banking,if possible have at least 100 of thousands dollars stash outside the banking system, even if you have load of cash for a legitimate reason,the government suspect it of being used for illegal purpose

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