U.S. to call for currency provision in trade deal with Japan: USTR


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Japan cant survive with fair trade.

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Yeahhhh Japan sure wont like that bit about messing with currencies as that is one of its main tools actually in use!!

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Start accumulating as much yen as you possibly can. Japanese intransigence virtually makes it certain that it won’t be long and we’ll again be looking at a sub 100 to the dollar exchange rate after which you can bank your profits.

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Aso needs to manipulate the yen for Japan to survive.

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On currency, the Trump administration will "ensure that Japan avoids manipulating exchange rates in order to prevent effective balance of payments adjustment or to gain an unfair competitive advantage."

No surprises there...Japan devalues the yen whenever it can to help its exports, Aso,s and other govt officials and bureaucrats denials of it are laughable.

Despite such a call, Japanese officials have said they have no plans to include a currency provision in a Japan-U.S. trade deal, partly because such a move could affect monetary policy run by the Bank of Japan.

Japan will buckle sooner or later.... . Abe,s LDP will never go against its US masters apart from making a bit of face saving noise in order to limit its potential election losses .

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if America is smart they will forget cars and focus on agriculture and currency manipulation. Japan is the world's #2 worst manipulator behind China. If the US can get agreements on currency and food, they should forget cars. American cars will not sell in Japan anyway...

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Never again Japan. You're economy is barely growing, been affected since the late 80s, lost decades of economic growth because of this unfair concessions.

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No surprises there...Japan devalues the yen whenever it can to help its exports, Aso,s and other govt officials and bureaucrats denials of it are laughable.

nearly all G8 countries have or are doing the same thing, Japan shouldnt agree to anything reguarding currency manipulation until all G8 countries agree on the same rules. Any country that breaks those rules all bets are off, especially the US. Japan was screwed by the plaza accord of the 80s, forcing them to appreciate their currency becuase the US couldnt compete. Never again

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main tools actually in use!!

you mean quantitative easing like the US did like the EU just finished, or just like China straight out peg their currency to the US$. No Japan should not agree to anything unless the US and other G8 countries are subject to the same rules.

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Japan cant survive with fair trade.

oh you mean like the Trump forcing foreign manufacturers to make more goods in the US, while the US expects foreign countries to buy AMerican goods made by American workers!

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An amicable trade relationship is not possible so long as one side insists upon running completely lopsided trade surpluses that it engineers by deliberately quarantining and distorting its own markets. Nobody should be in the least surprised when the other side is unable to finally take it any longer and cries foul.

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