Biden to make 1st visit to Japan as president in late May for Quad meeting


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Um, yeeaaah, I'm gonna have to ask you to um, not come to Japan, and if I can have those PCR reports, that'd be greaaat.

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Is there any reason at all that these talks can't be done virtually? One would think that people have become used to it over the past few years.

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Biden, We need more money. 

Kishida Puppy, Yes yes Sir, How Much?

Biden, Ahh... Japan still a Great Cash Dispenser.

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China will not invade Japan militarily because China has different types of domination the main one is economic. Japan needs to restrict access to land purchases by CCP members if it wants to maintain its sovereignty just look what happened in Tibet and the Uighur region and you will have all the answers.

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If Biden can pressurise Modi to state explicitly India's condemnation and revulsion of the atrocities being committed by Putin in Ukraine then this would be a start; so far Modi has sat on the fence on this, which is pretty pathetic - it's unfathomable that he can't recognise the appalling massive loss of life and suffering which Putin is inflicting on totally innocent men, women, children and babies.

Biden's right in regards to not taking the eye off the ball where China is concerned, vis-a-vis China's insistence that Taiwan will be taken into Chinese ownership.

He'll also need to have a strong word in the ear to the Australian PM regarding China's recent quiet comandeering of the Solomon Islands; they sneakily managed to convince their President last week that it would be best if China stepped in to help them out in anyway possible - which is a euphemism for building a gigantic military outpost in Oceania, uncomfortable for the Aussies for sure.

It's extraordinary to think that in this day and age, two formerly great world powers can be causing such catastrophic suffering - China gave the world its Chinavirus killing 5.5 million people and infecting over 3.5 billion people, plus they're involved in 11 separate international disputes. Russia is invading an independent sovereign nation and ruthlessly, sadistically murdering and maiming its people by the tens of thousands.

And both Putin and Xi (plus a few hundred other psychopathic imbeciles) think this is just fine, carry on, no problem at all.

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Will he have to spend the first three days sleeping in the police academy dormitory in Chiba eating cold bento?

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I wonder where Air Force One will land.

Narita, Haneda...Oh wait Yokota Air Base.

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No CaptDingleheimer: And nor would any triple vaccinated US citizen.

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@Udondashi: Your point being?

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These Government Officials especially this Brain Dead Puppet order people don't travel unless it is absolutely essential. What is wrong with this puppet using Zoom? The money saved could be used for problems in the US and nobody is going to understand this senile puppet anyways. Americans usually can't understand what he is saying.


Will he quarantine as is required of everybody that comes to Japan? Will he quarantine when he goes back?


He has made enough problems in the US and Europe. Now he wants to bring his problems here. Japan doesn’t need this right now. He is going to piss off China and Korea with this trip. Whatever he has to say, get on Zoom and say it.

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I set out in a post above the case against the two mass-murdering dictators alive on this planet today, clearly stating their significant crimes against humanity - this seemed to attract the casual down-voting of several readers, who didn't seem bothered about enlightening us all as regards their obvious support for the pair. Perhaps they'd care to share their wisdom on why they could possibly imagine that both Putin and Xi and their actions are absolutely fine, when most people of the world would like to see them on trial, or worse.

Speaking personally, if any of my friends suggested to me that such evil tyrants deserved to be treated decently and accepted in the world community, I'd advise them to get urgent psychiatric help, but I suppose I must be thankful that I have such nice friends.

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Please do not visit.

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facing China's growing assertiveness in the region.

Watch out China, Victoria Nuland is traveling with Biden. NATO is gonna have to change their name to the North Atlantic South Pacific Treaty Alliance.

The new and improved Dems love their wars.

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Could have done virtual meetings and saved taxpayers on both sides millions of dollars!

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Do Biden have enough in his plate,that he got to get more in his plate ,tough love for other leader,

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I saw that movie.

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All this talk about China's assertiveness and rise .

All talk and no action.

Meanwhile China is continuing.

Talk is cheap !

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