Japan, Pacific island nations urge N Korea to denuclearize


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Scruffy bunch, can't they rustle up a tie between them?

Unfortunately I doubt NK will take any note of them. They are too small to count in their calculations. Even Japan with its economic clout does not have much leverage with a state that prioritises armed might over economic considerations.

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Why only NK?

Why not also urge the US, Russia, China, etc., to denuclearise?

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Being a PM for more than 5 years, Abe still doesn't know how to do his job. You can't just talk to North Koreans as if they were Japanese. You have to act, to show your wallet. How much you would pay for NK to get rid of missiles, how much you would pay for the NK to get rid of chemical weapons. Abe has to give a detailed list and price for NK to think about it. To get rid of chemical weapons are not small job. Since the end of WW2, Japan still hasn't get rid of chemical weapons left in China.

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Why only NK? Why not also urge the US, Russia, China, etc., to denuclearise?

For someone who likes to think that they are intelligent, this is a rather dumb question.

Oh and Abe can't "urge" the US or any other country to do anything, they all already know his "urges" are pointless!

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Abe is just trying to show off here, as if his opinion was important in the international scene. NHK will open with this news I guess..

You can't just talk to North Koreans as if they were Japanese.

So true.

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Excellent Summit. Japan wishes for complete elimination of nuclear weapons in the world. Hopefully in our lifetimes.

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this is a rather dumb question.


I hope you realize someday how many people, just in Hiroshima and Nagasaki alone, you've accused of asking this same "dumb" question.

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I really can't understand the negativity surrounding what is perfectly normal behavior by any leader doing his or her job. Its called diplomacy. Do you know what it is? You should be thankful that a Japanese leader is at least indicating they are thinking about the Pacific Islands. Along with trying to create a united front against N.K and its activities which threaten Japan, the Pacific Islands are not all that far away and they represent an opportunity for Japan Inc, goods, services, infrastructure. Perhaps Japan can provide them with another option for funding that isn't China or Australia. Those two are by far the biggest players in the Pacific Islands.

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Also wouldn't be surprised of Rugby Union was discussed, new competitions and Japans role in holding the next World Cup and their role in union in general.

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Why N Korea only? Because Japan wants to put more pressures on mob NK to abandon its nukes. Abe wants to show everyone wants no nukes there. however NK would never abandon all nukes whatever even if agreement was made on the coming summit. They will hide some somewhere.

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Are those Pacific island nations get together at that summit in Iwaki to highlight N. Korea denuclearization? Japan didn’t sign nuclear weapons ban treaty and convince others to discuss this issue. I guess most of them wanted to discuss economic supports and global warming issue some islands disappearing, etc...

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englisc aspyrgend

'Scruffy bunch, can't they rustle up a tie between them?'

They don't look scruffy at all. Why would they want to wear ties when it's 28 or 29 degrees C?

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Kim and his regime ain't denuclearizing even for a guy like Trump, what makes Abe think anything he says has any relevance?

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I'm all for the denuclearization of the entire planet not just NK but that's not happening anytime soon. and right now the fact that NK has nuclear weapons is the only deterrent using America from bringing its "democracy" there. So the denuclearization of NK is also not happening.

I think the only thing Kim would agree to, and actually do, is to sign a treaty to not use his nuclear weapons.

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the only deterrent against America*

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At least the US should agree to demilitarise the Korean peninsular; but i8t wont. As I've said on many occasions on this site, the US wants to disarm all nations so that there is no resistance to US domination and bullying. The US had an agreement with Iran which they have not honoured, they invaded Iraq knowing they had no WMD and disposed the Libyan president. How can any nation trust the US? Kim should keep his nuclear program until all nations, including Israel, denuclearise.

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Aah...the diplomatic big guns...Pacific island nations. Like any developing nations that need aid and " economic assistance " money , .... just tell us where to sign Shinzo and hand over the dough.

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Considering Japan will never get rid of the USA been on their land or Russia keeping those little island they want back its funny to think NK would ever get rid of their nukes considering once they had them and they could deliver them everyone now wanted to talk.

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 hope you realize someday how many people, just in Hiroshima and Nagasaki alone, you've accused of asking this same "dumb" question.

NK is and has been a rouge state for decades. There are few, if any, safeguards in place to stop Kim from using a nuke if he so choose top.

Yet I expect Japanese to change the subject and obfuscate the issue, it's part of their self-preservation mode not an alt.

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if the terrorist haven pakistan can have them, so can NK. They serve as a deterent and in a morbid way, maintain some sort of peace. Cat's already out of the bag now. america and its cohort japan should either accept that reality or shut up.

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Japan's money diplomacy at work again. A big bargain when you spent little for more than a dozen nations standby your appeal. In fact these countries has no idea where is Communist North Korea or even what nuclear arsenal exactly is.

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Many of the Pacific nations do not have direct diplomatic ties with China, and some like Palau refuse to recognize China as a state, and have a Taiwanese embassy.

It only seems logical that they would depend on a country like Japan or the US to make diplomatic overtures to China and in extent, China’s wild card, NK.

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In fact these countries has no idea where is Communist North Korea

Maybe because there is no such place as Communist North Korea. There is a country called North Korea, but it is not communist.

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