Abe calls for ASEAN's cooperation to foster free and open order


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So Japan likes to strengthen it ties with persons like Aung San Suu Kyi who turned a blind eye for the killings of many rohyngia in Myanmar?

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Spot doesn't seem to be understanding the class instructions.

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That photo is so awkward

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Foster free and open order? Leadership involves actually doing what you say at home before exposing an idea to others.

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How ironical? Japan has one of the most closed trading system in the developed world eg it's agriculture sector & distribution network.

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Abe wants to make 'ties' but the only one not. (in the picture.)

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in which democracy, the rule of law and market economies have taken root

Funny stuff Shinzo. One-party state, unchecked corruption and protectionism, more like.

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Allowing Aung San Suu Kyi to join the meeting is a disgrace.

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How can Prime Minister Abe tout free and open trade to others when Japan is one of biggest culprits of all to inhibit and restrict free trade.

While others only talk of territorial claims in the South China Sea- China takes action for territorial claims in the South China Sea. Action speaks louder than words.

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See?  The silly "ASEAN handshake" isn't straightforward.  those excoriating DT for his role in this yesterday say sorry.

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Was this awkward photo intentional?

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Abe and the Mekong leaders also confirmed their cooperation in improving conditions in Myanmar's Rakhine State,

Of course they are - by getting rid of the Rohingya.

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Thought bubbles, please.

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For ASEAN to have any relevance, they must have a common objective. Their "joking" stance is not a particularly hopeful sign in that direction.

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gangnam style

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The most serious topic (apart from Duterte's blatant killing of 10,000 poor people), the persecution of the Rohingya, has attracted little attention from the media and even less from the pols. It's an absolute disgrace that Aung San Suu Kyi was invited since she has yet to give a credible account of the Myanmar military's atrocities and her role in the mendacious massaging of international outrage. Shame on those ASEAN leaders who avert their eyes and observe their cowardly omerta!

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