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Abe, Putin slam N Korean nuclear test; differ on denuclearization path


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I don't think the "Russian Bear" would be stupid enough to let the important islands of (Kunashir, Iturup, Shikotan and Habomai) go to Japan. I believe the Russian Federation will tempt Japan to invest in Russia with these islands, only then to say "I'm sorry, but these islands are just too important for Russian influence for us to let go of them".

It's the usual game of surely the most cynical president on planet earth and recognized as the most powerful person 4 years in a row since 2013, Vladimir Putin.

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Vlad was impatiently tapping his foot throughout the whole press conference. Not the actions an engaged person has.

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Vlad looked impatient and bored throughout the whole thing. He knows he is dealing with a vassal state from the American Imperium.

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Mr. Putin while I understand his perspective, I do not believe is the right course. I'm thinking long term. And lifting sanctions against KJU's regime only will allow him and his elitist groupies to accelerate towards military programs and personal wealth. If you want an example of how this type of corruption works, look at Iran's government and leadership. Billions of dollars wasted on the personal endeavors of their so called "leaders" and corrupt groupies. NK is more belligerent than Iran, but equally corrupt. Further down the road when NK's regime has enough money, their government will not turn into a nice wonderful friendly government. They will become confident they can take down anyone (like the CCP and their expanding territorial "claims", as well as look what's happening to formerly democratic Hong Kong and the CCP's intent for Taiwan) who stands in the way of their personal greedy self serving interests.

The way I see it, Russia just wants a trading partner while under sanctions, and NK's regime seems to float Putin's boat. How corrupt is Putin? As with other people, all one has to do is follow the money, and you'll see the rats.

It's a shame... If Russia's government does the right thing, and China's government does the right thing, NK's regime would cease to exist, and Korea would be whole again, would be rebuilt and more prosperous and thriving with a peaceful government without KJU's oppression, belligerence and threats of blowing up and shooting actual missiles over neighboring countries.

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I have to agree with Cricky and Civitas. Russia has no intention other than to find a way to drive a wedge in the Japan-U.S. relationship. He probably see's Japan coming to them hat-in-hand looking to diversify Japan's security portfolio.

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i couldn't spend such a long time with him. putin is very busy. i congratulate him for his patience.

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They cant find common ground on north korea nor the islands. Abe needs to get it in his thick skull that he is no match for Putin. While I despise Putin vehemently, I have to stand in awe of his skills as a politician. He's a guy who can be backed in a corner, find and take a tiny opening, and turn it around to his advantage.  Abe was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He's no match for this ex KGB man. What is he thinking? He's a rat trying to match a tiger pound for pound. Forget it.

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One thing usually escapes some of us. International diplomacy is a language of its own, plebs like us may find it really difficult to understand unless one has a background on political science. I don't, but discernment tells me Putin isn't in it for real.

Even to me, Abe's zeal for this "project" is kind of overwhelming. I'll wait.
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Even to me , Abe's zeal for this "project " is overwhelming. I'll wait .

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Great photo..lol. Two judoka and Abe. Their expressions says it all.

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Given previous discussion on this topic, and the current situation, regardless of any outside actions, N Korea will continue to do what it has started. It's rhetoric may continue or may change, but as a nation that is struggling to be recognized as a meaningful part of the world community, it will continue with its missile and nuclear programs. The world at least recognizes military power if not economic power.

In that sense Putin may be correct.

But as a young leader in any nation that has experienced the world and inheriting an economically and politically unstable country in an unstable Asia, being used as a pawn by China and "ignored" by the USA while Russia threatens take over, Kim will not sacrifice his country of millions by starting a war. He is probably smarter than his ancestors that understands technology to world politics and the true nature of world economics where most of the wealth is transferred behind the scenes.

Knowing he will not start or use such weapons, his only hope is to finalize the end of the war (WWII) and become a separate country or "unite" with S Korea on an "equal" footing with the USA, China, and Russia that "created" N and S Korea to begin with.

The rest of the world including Japan has worked with both S and N Korea, but burdened with too much US and Chinese influence that affect both military and economic stability and balance in the region. The "threat" to S Korea is different from that for Japan.

Japan's only worry is the "fallout" literally from any missile, bomb or war. But world politics and the USA forces Japan to take side and make a stand.

The real problem for Japan is China with their military and economic threat all over the world.

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